Best World of Tanks Betting Sites You Must Know About

How to Bet on WoT and Win?


World of Tanks is an exciting game that can compete with the most popular esports disciplines. Now Tanks are not inferior in the CS fan base:GO and Dota-2. The creators of the game correctly assessed the demand in the gaming world and provided people with exactly what they wanted. Bright rivalry and various combat vehicles. There is a strategic component, a team game, as well as individual combat characteristics. All this fascinates and attracts new gamers. But next, let’s talk about how a simple bettor can earn money by betting on World of Tanks.

World of Tanks Tournaments

Usually competitions are held according to the system – the losing team is eliminated, and the winner goes to the next round. Most tournaments are divided by criteria:

Before the start of the tournament, training fights are held, then qualifying rounds are organized. Here are examples of some tournaments:

Unfortunately, not all bookmakers include a variety of WoT tournaments in their line. Most often, bookmakers add a couple of events that are popular, and in which big names are involved. The painting also leaves much to be desired. Then we will come back to this and analyze the most favorable offers from legal and foreign BC.



Types of bets on World of Tanks

A bettor who decides to bet on matches in the world of Tanks asks the question: “What markets does the bookmaker offer?”. Here, as in other esports disciplines, there are standard bets. For example, the victory of the first or second team in a battle, the success of a particular team in the upcoming tournament, the passage of the playing team to the next round of the competition, as well as totals by the number of opponents destroyed.

The following markets are of the greatest interest:

  1. The total amount of time spent on destroying the opponent.
  2. Which of the players will destroy the largest number of enemies.
  3. A certain number of defeated opponents by a specific player.

Betting on such outcomes, of course, carries huge risks. But the coefficients are usually quite high for such events. What should you pay attention to when choosing one or another outcome in betting on Tanks?

world of tanks betting

world of tanks betting

How to make successful bets on WoT?

To begin with, it is worth understanding that in each discipline you need to gain experience before making more or less stable money on sports betting. World of Tanks is no exception. Here are some specific tips for those who are just beginning to comprehend the basics of betting on esports:

These are all general tips. Now let’s move on to the pre-match analysis and the selection of suitable outcomes.

World of tanks bet

World of tanks bet

Features of betting on World of Tanks in bookmakers

Where can I bet on WoT?

GGBet. Excellent conditions for everyone who is passionate about esports and betting. The BC administration has focused all its attention on new trends and new esports disciplines. Rich line and painting.

BetWay. The site management often attract new customers using high-profile promotions and bonuses. This will help the beginner to start with the most favorable conditions. BC also sets high odds for esports events. The only thing is to study the line carefully. Minor unpopular tournaments are sometimes absent here.
Pinnacle. Users will be able to find interesting markets for betting on Tanks here. Low margin and high coefficients. In addition, the site’s analysts offer to bet even on less significant World of Tanks tournaments.

wot betting sites

wot betting sites


Bets on World of Tanks deserve attention from the players. If you show genuine interest and be patient, it will eventually bring good results.