Top 15 Abilities in Horizon Zero Dawn

During a single playthrough of Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy has most, if not all of the available skills, especially when diving into the expansion Frozen Wilds. It seemed appropriate, therefore, to include a few more skills that Aloy should focus on to improve her stealth, combat, and resource gathering abilities.

The importance of choosing the right skill tree in Horizon Zero Dawn is magnified by the fact that Aloy’s survival depends on them. Prowler skills enhance stealth, Brave skills bolster combat prowess, and Forager skills reduce the amount of time spent grinding for supplies and loot.

Your playstyle might determine which skills you want, but there are some skills that everyone should prioritize. Here are the skills you should strongly consider prioritizing if you want to have an easier time in this game.

Throughout a solitary playthrough, you’re very likely to acquire all of Aloy’s abilities in Horizon Zero Dawn: Frozen Wilds, especially when you look at the expansion. Since Aloy should focus on improving her stealth, combat, and resource collecting abilities, I thought it would be appropriate to include a few extra skills.

An undetected sprint is known as a quiet sprint.

Horizon-Zero-Dawn-Quiet Sprint

Being able to remain stealthy while sprinting, whether you are getting into better positioning or just trying to traverse a dangerous area, is helpful. Quiet Sprint reduces the amount of noise you make, ensuring that nearby machines will be less likely to notice you.

You may notice that using this technique is not 100% effective, so if you rush through a pack of Stalkers, don’t be shocked if they see you. This strategy is more suited for when you are darting from cover to cover or rushing an opponent from behind in order to take them down silently.

An override for combat.


It’s a great strategy to start a battle by overriding one of the machines in the pack, especially if it’s a Sawtooth or a Scorcher. You can safely take down machines from a distance while this machine keeps the enemy distracted.

Having Combat Override at level 3 or higher increases the length of time a machine remains on your side. This is particularly helpful when you’ve turned a powerful robot and it’s battling a horde of humans or other powerful machines that are difficult to defeat. You may also use this skill to lure a machine to where the combat will take place from a distance.

No high profile.


Some players prefer to employ a stealthy approach, taking out enemies one by one or avoiding certain fights altogether, but Low Profile is still a very worthwhile skill. If you spend a lot of time in combat, you should definitely consider taking this trait.

If you’re part of the latter group, then definitely grab Low Profile. It makes it much more difficult for enemies to spot Aloy when she’s crouched in the grass or behind objects.

A vehicle with a pickup mounted on it.


It’s more of a quality of life improvement, but the Mounted Pickup skill is so handy it deserves a spot on this list. Essentially, you can gather resources and loot defeated enemies while riding a mount with this skill.

You won’t have to get off your mount whenever you see a medicinal plant or when you’ve killed a Watcher while riding if you acquire this ability. It may not seem like a critical skill at first, but you’ll be grateful for it when you enter the Frozen Wilds.

You can use Mount++ to make a call.


There’s no need to waste time or effort summoning a new Strider using Call Mount +, because you can immediately receive one to your location if yours is dead or far away. This guarantees that you can receive a mount without using fast travel no matter where you are.

Not only is summoning a mount for travel convenient, it can also be advantageous in battle. If you feel outnumbered or outgunned, you can use a mount as a diversion and a second set of hooves to knock some heads.

An expert is a master at a particular skill.


You have to spend a lot of time farming the relevant Lenses, Hearts, and other parts from both machines and animals to improve Aloy’s gear.

Whenever you loot a downed machine or animal, Expert Carver increases the chance of rare and valuable items dropping. This skill isn’t an huge increase, but you will notice a big drop in the number of opponents and creatures you need to kill to get what you want.

A person who gathers or collects things.


A bigger medicine pouch is fantastic to pair with Gatherer, since you will now gather more resources when foraging. That means health flowers will fill up your medicine pouch faster, compensating for the time it takes to fill up your bag.

It also increases the resources you obtain from animal kills and flower and plant picking. This is helpful if you make a lot of potions and don’t want to hunt down an excessive amount of plant life to harvest.

Someone who specializes in the study of herbs.


You must always prioritize maximizing how much health you can regenerate in this game. Herbalist doubles the size of your medicine pouch, giving you double the health recovery.

You will have to gather twice as much blossoms to fill your medicine pouch, but you will be pleased to have it when you are out of health potions in a battle and need to draw health from a much larger pouch. It may also help you consume fewer health elixirs to save resources.

Remove Traps


When you are strategizing your assault plans, traps can be valuable because they can catch the enemy off guard, protect your escape, weaken difficult adversaries, or allow you to focus on one adversary while the other writhes in pain from a nasty shock.

Sometimes things don’t go as expected or the fight is simpler than anticipated, resulting in traps and tripwires being strung about that are never triggered. Having the Disarm Traps skill allows you to gather those items and save them for later, saving you the time and effort it would take to craft them.

Someone who tinker with things in order to make them work better.


Using the Tinkerer skill, players can now remove weaves and coils from armor and weapons without damaging them. Rather than having to scavenge for new mods or agonize over which ones to destroy in order to fit a new mod in, you can just pop them out and stick them in something else.

Experimenting with different mod setups using this is great if you want to transfer your old mods or if you need to switch them out in an upcoming battle for better armour. You’ll also build up a stash of old worthless mods that can be sold for a decent price.

The ability to focus on one thing at a time.


Concentration is critical to have and is offered at the beginning of the game for one skill point for a reason. When Aloy aims her bow, time will slow down for the player, allowing for precision shots.

Having this ability can greatly benefit you if you are attempting to take down humans from a distance with headshots, fire arrows from the back of your mount, target blaze canisters, or if you need every shot to count because you are running low on arrows. It will save you a lot of frustration if you attempt to fight with a bow without this crucial ability. Do yourself a favour and get it as soon as possible.

A critical hit is a lucky strike that inflicts more damage than a regular hit.


Traps and tripwires are great for dropping enemies, but when you get them with your spear, Critical Hit is what gets the job done. Once they’re on the ground, Critical Skill allows you to inflict high damage.

This is terrific for taking out lesser machines and humans in one fell swoop or delivering serious damage to stronger enemies if you can stun them. You should always seek to capitalise on an opponent’s blunders and this ability lets you do that.

A scavenger is an organism that scavenges for food.


Crafting is a significant portion of the game, and the best weapons and armour are obtained from vendors for high prices. Having Scavenger as a skill increases the chance of receiving a Machine Scavenger Box when hunting down machines. This box includes a variety of materials associated with that machine and increases the chance of obtaining rare items such as Coils.

Accumulating resources at a faster rate than before, you’ll notice a significant reduction in the time required to obtain things like Machine Cores, which are necessary to purchase better equipment.

Double Shot.


Using your bow, you will participate in most of your combat, whether it is silently sniping enemies from afar or attempting to take down a charging machine. Double Shot is a skill that allows you to shoot two arrows with each shot.

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Having this ability instantly doubles your damage and makes stripping away armour or applying status effects much easier. This will cause you to burn through arrows twice as fast, but the Scavenger skill will mitigate the damage. You should also strive to acquire the Triple Shot skill as fast as possible.

A silent strike is unnoticed and therefore strikes the target without warning.


The greatest ability in the game is Silent Strike. The game emphasises stealth for a reason and you will frequently be outnumbered, requiring you to even the score a bit before the arrows fly. With Silent Strike, you can do that.

You can sneak up on a prey of any size, whether it be a tiny robot or a human being, and impale them on your spear without anyone or anything seeing you, thanks to this ability. Before it’s too late, you can eliminate an entire squad without anyone noticing in the absence of this ability. On larger machines or heavily armoured humans, it won’t kill them right away, but it will do significant damage.

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