Sony and Backbone just released the Backbone One PlayStation Edition for Android, bringing the device to a whole new market of mobile users. This accessory for Android phones will allow players to turn their Android phones into what is essentially a handheld gaming console with the use of Remote Play. It’s been a while since this was originally announced, so it’s nice to see that fans are finally able to get it and start using it. In fact, many players already have their Backbone One for PlayStation since it was released recently.

For those that aren’t aware, the Backbone One was first revealed back in July of 2022, but that rendition of the Backbone controller only worked with iPhones. PlayStation players that travel a lot or simply enjoy using Remote Play were thrilled about the reveal, but those on Android were understandably disappointed at being left out. An Android version was promised, but now it’s actually here.

Officially called Backbone One for Android PlayStation Edition, this controller device can be purchased directly from the Backbone website for $99.99. It features a color scheme of black and white that will be familiar to PS5 players that spend a lot of time using the DualSense controller. What’s more, since this is the officially licensed PlayStation version, it also has buttons to match, including the X, Square, Circle, and Triangle buttons on the right side of the controller.

Among the useful features included in the Backbone One for Android is the inclusion of the ability to fast charge one’s phone while using it for Remote Play. This is accomplished through a pass-through USB-C port in the controller itself. In addition to this, the controller also features a 3.5 mm headphone jack for audio, making it even easier to use in public spaces. Of course, players will still need to use the Remote Play feature of the PS4 or PS5 in order to get the most out of the Backbone One.

So far, the Backbone One for Android has received mostly favorable reviews, with users claiming it is comfortable to use and that it fits most phones. The Backbone app is also another selling point, as it allows players to re-map all of the buttons on their controller, a feature that many wanted from the DualSense controller. The app can be used for free alongside the controller, but there is also a subscription that unlocks additional features for players to dig into.

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