The Official Height and Age of all Overwatch Heroes

A list of Overwatch characters with official height and age data from Blizzard. Developers shared the information in character lore, cosplayer materials, or during events.

I received a rather unusual request to write about the height, weight, and age of Overwatch characters. I was able to determine almost everything except weight, for which there is no official information.

All of the data in the article came from Blizzard at various times: from the official story, videos and comics, during conferences and other events, and from materials for the cosplay kits.


Height – from tall to short

Most of the characters are rather tall when compared to current standards. We can only assume that people will be taller in the future due to a better standard of living and proper nutrition based on advanced technology.

It’s worth noting that we don’t know if official height includes armor, but it looks plausible. Some characters like Farrah and McCree undoubtedly added a couple of centimeters due to costumes and hats.

Unknown: Genji, May, D.Va, Ana, Moira, Orissa, Sombra, Brigitte, Taran, Ash.

How Tall Is Your Overwatch Hero (1)

Approximate height – not confirmed by Blizzard

The height of the remaining heroes was determined by comparing their in-game models in victory poses.

Mei is one of the few heroes whose height matches the average height of our time. She is from China, and according to Wikipedia, the average height of women there ranges from 155.8 cm to 161.3 cm.

Age is from younger to older


Orissa began fighting when she was only a month old.

May’s chronological age is 40 years old.

The ages of Soldier 76 and Reaper were revealed at San Diego Comic-Con in 2016.

Reaper was 50 years old at the time of Revenge, which took place eight years before the current events.


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