Substitutions in esports betting: impact and consequences

The article will tell you how to use substitutions of players in the team, as well as reveal the features of changes in the composition.

The composition of the esports team

All professional teams have been playing certain strategies and tactics for a long time before serious results, so replacement in the composition is considered a serious problem. In the world of computer games, especially team games, understanding partners is important. Many hours of joint training lead to the fact that each of the players knows what to expect from each partner.

Replacing any gamer in the team leads to a loss of mutual understanding and confidence in victory. Disciplines such as Dota 2 and CS:GO requires the greatest team interaction, so beginners make the game more chaotic and less vivid. If you place bets on esports on a regular basis, then a betterer can easily use a replacement in the lineup for his own benefit. Specialized sites for the selection of statistics and match history will help to understand the lineups.

Best bets on substitutions in esports

The replacement team always starts to play worse than the played squad, so it’s worth considering several options for betting:

We must not forget about the level of some teams. Top Dota 2 or CS teams:GO can attract very strong players to replace. Individual skill can offset the lack of mutual understanding. The betters who follow the tournaments on the cyber arena know all the strong performers who are used to turning the outcome of the match alone. Replacement does not always lead to disastrous results. There were cases when the team was transformed and played with a new composition brighter than in the classic pool. This is a sport, everything happens here.


Examples of substitutions in esports

ESL One in 2020 gave Dota 2 fans a real holiday, the triumph of which was Evil Geniuses. The team has played matches with 2 substitutions since the beginning of the tournament. Looking at the success of the American team, it may seem that the changes in the composition did not affect in any way, but this is not the case. The first matches were lost without any chances. The starting confrontations were needed by the “evil geniuses” to build up and run-in tactics.

At the same tournament, the Swedish Alliance team had problems in the confrontation with Ninjas in Pyjamas. The newcomer Lil acted as a support, and the first card was lost with a crushing score. The rest of the games were equal, and the team from Sweden was able to impose a fight.

In Dota 2, substitutions do not work very well and lead to weak results. In CS:GO is a little different. Some teams attract replacement players to certain cards where special skills are required. So, Astralis has 3 replacement players in its stock at once. This policy has become very popular recently, because the specifics of the cards call for different tactics and skills. The jugi replacement player always appears in the lineup on large maps, where skill in using a sniper rifle is important.

There are also less colorful examples. So, at the Summit 6 CS tournament:GO team North was unable to field the main squad, and a stand-in appeared in the organization. Four cards out of five were lost without any chance of success with a score of 2:0. And on the fifth, the “Northerners” were able to win on one card. The team was transformed when the main player of the team returned to the ranks. North managed to level the standings and show a high level of skill. As can be seen from the examples, substitution does not always negatively affect the team’s game. Such changes in esports need to be closely monitored and analyzed in all the details.


Substitutions in esports make the game unpredictable, so the outcome of an event is sometimes difficult to predict, but if you follow the world of virtual entertainment, then understanding the significance of each player will develop at a high level, which will allow you to use a minor change in the list of players to your advantage. Each team reacts to a newcomer in its own organization in its own way, which affects the overall pattern of the game. A strong athlete can bring great advantages to a match, while a weak one will turn a feigned strategy into a pathetic semblance of game tactics. If a betterer wants to understand the importance of substitutions, then the main thing is to follow the championships and watch the games Live.

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