Strange Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Glitch Lets Players Use the Darksaber

A bizarre glitch in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has allowed one player to use the Darksaber. Although many of the bugs in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor are game-breaking, this one will actually enhance the experience of many players.

The Darksaber is a fan-favorite weapon among Star Wars fans. First introduced in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the Darksaber has since featured in The Mandalorian and become a key plot point since the series premiered. To this day though, it has never featured in a Star Wars game, despite many players loving the unique design it brings to the table. Although nothing is currently confirmed, it’s possible the weapon will come to Star Wars Jedi: Survivor as cosmetic DLC in the future, but this is purely speculation.

Redditor tontongas discovered the strange bug, which changes the lighting of the lightsaber to appear as if it’s the Darksaber. According to the player this was done while using a white lightsaber, so it appears to be some sort of shader issue affecting the weapon in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. It’s so accurate to the Darksaber, that many in the thread thought it had to be a mod, but there are currently no lightsaber color-changing mods for the game. Others thought it was a glitch revealing a secret hidden asset in the game, but a closer look at the footage shows that some of the other lighting in the distance seems to be affected by the glitch. Still, it’s impressive how eerily accurate it is to the Darksaber.

Darksaber ?
by u/tontongas in FallenOrder

Since the game was first released, visual bugs have been some of the funniest posted online. There was even one Star Wars Jedi: Survivor bug that made Cal look like a Guardians of the Galaxy character. Ultimately bugs like this are pretty harmless to the overall experience in the game, and can even get a laugh from players. While Respawn should probably get around to fixing these types of bugs eventually, hopefully they’re far down the studio’s list of priorities, with resources better spent elsewhere at the moment.

The game on PC remains unplayable for some players out there. It’s an unfortunate state of affairs after the initial hype for the game, with the positive reviews to match. That said, the patches for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor released so far have alleviated the worst of the performance issues for many, and it’s only a matter of time before the PC port is in a much better state. With the good work done so far, hopefully the studio remain committed to bringing it to the level expected upon release.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is available now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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