Stardew Valley's George Has Strange Detail You Can't Unsee

A Stardew Valley fan has just discovered a bizarre detail about George: the grumpy villager actually has a hidden smile on his forehead. Players still discovering cool details like George’s smiley side so many years after the original release of Stardew Valley is proof of the game’s enduring popularity.

Stardew Valley is currently the most famous farming sim game around, and part of that fame is due to the game’s irresistible charm. The title was originally launched back in 2016, and interactions with the several memorable characters of Stardew Valley have been an aspect that constantly engages players, as they can marry a few characters and become friends with others. Among them is George, a retired farmer that lives in Pelican Town with his wife Evelyn and his grandson Alex. The character is fairly well-known in the community for his grumpiness, but it seems that he may have a hidden smiley side.

Recently, a Stardew Valley player called Saerraa shared their latest discovery about the old man George: he has a big smiley face on top of his forehead. According to this player, this detail was originally pointed out by their sister while they were playing, and now they simply cannot unsee the huge smile on the old man’s otherwise grumpy face every time they look at him. The smile can only be seen when talking to the character, though, as it’s not present in his in-game sprite outside of conversations.

My sister said that there was a smiley face on georges head now I can’t unsee it HELP
by u/saerraa in StardewValley

In the comments of the Reddit post, several players joked about this discovery, with a few users amazed at how they weren’t able to spot the huge smile on George’s head before, despite playing for several hours. One Reddit user, for example, affirmed that this second smiley face is what George shows when he makes friends, and that his “bitter miserable lower face” is all a defense mechanism before players get to bond with George in Stardew Valley.

Players who simply can’t get enough of Stardew Valley should expect the upcoming 1.6 update sometime during 2023. The new update will add more content to the title, as well as bring some important changes to mod support, making it easier for players to develop fan content that can be shared with others. At the moment, however, it’s still not entirely clear what kind of new content players can expect to see when the update arrives, as current patch notes are still subject to change before the release.

Stardew Valley is available now for PC, Mobile, Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.

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