Best Starcraft 2 Betting Sites You Must Know About

How to Bet on SC2 Betting Site and Win?

best starcraft betting sites

best starcraft betting sites

A classic real-time strategy from Blizzard, which is officially listed in esports disciplines. Gambling fans can follow the news, tournaments and place bets on Starcraft 2. To place your first bet on esports, select a BC from the list, register on the website and go to the esports section. Find the right event or championship and bet on the participant. To increase your winnings, select several events or guess which card will win. Enjoy the game online StarCraft 2.

General Information

Blizzard Entertainment has diversified the base platform of Wings of Liberty, where the game began, with two installments of Heart of the Swarm (2013) and Legacy of the Void (2015). Each part continues and completes the storyline of the previous one and creates an exciting trilogy for fans of fantasy adventures.

The plot is based on the confrontation of three races – Terran, Protoss and Zerg. The aim of the player – to mine useful resources, build and develop their own army, which will later destroy the opponent and his forces. A popular user mode is duel 1 on 1.

Great gameplay, elaborate graphics and unpredictable events have made StarCraft 2 a professional eSports discipline with an army of millions of fans.

The last part of the legendary real-time strategy has officially become Starcraft 2 in esports. Fans from all over the world follow the championships, attend current events and place bets. A popular championship is the ESL Pro Tour, in which the prize funds exceed more than 1.5 million USD. Players from all over the world come together to prove themselves.

Bet on StarCraft 2 Tournaments

The ESL Pro Tour Starcraft Championship began to gain momentum and connect influential organizers such as Electronic Sports League, DreamHack. Blizzard Entertainment took over the financial support. Starcraft 2 managed to win the 3rd place among other games with a total prize pool of 17 million USD.

ESL Pro Tour promises players and fans a new and unique ecosystem. It will include annual championships, in which there will be 6 tournaments and weekly events. Most of the tournaments will be in open live access. The 22/23 season promises to be hot for both players and fans.

Interestingly, StarCraft II returns to IEM Katowice with an updated plan for 22-23 years and an increased fund of up to 400,000 USD.

Top eSports players now participate in StarCraft 2 tournaments with large prize pools:

The World Championship, under the auspices of strategy developer Blizzard – World Championship Series, deserves special attention. Event was born in 2012 and is now held annually in three regions. During the competition players earn credit points, which are then taken into account in the allocation of quotas for tickets to other tournaments.

starcraft 2 betting

starcraft 2 betting

Types of bets and what to bet on in Stracraft 2

Are you interested in the world of SK2, do you know all the popular strategists of this genre?
Apply your knowledge and place bets on Starcraft 2. This is a great way to have fun and add adrenaline. Athletes from Korea are relevant now: find an underdog with high performance and take a chance.

Among the main bets on Stracraft 2 are:

sc2 in tesports

sc2 in tesports

What to look out for when betting on SC2

The creators work to maintain a balance between factions, so overpower is usually quickly eliminated. Gamers can play as one race for an entire career or experiment with factions.

Player Style: Personal Performance as a Major Factor in Winning

Gamer’s skill determines the balance of power in the Starcraft universe. Some gamers give high results constantly, the others are able to shoot on the particular tournament and then retreat into the shadows. Gamers have their chips. For example, famous gamer Ruff chooses terrans and is known for his unconventional approach to using buildings, while another top cyber athlete Neeb prefers protoss and builds several bases to put pressure on his opponent.

Meta: About the patches.

Maintaining the balance between races isn’t the developers’ only concern. The game receives constant updates, responsible for fixing existing bugs and improving the game’s performance and efficiency. After a patch is announced by the company, professional players and commentators give their feedback on what has changed in StarCraft II.

Ladder: Player Rating.

Starcraft 2 has a gamer rating that reflects the balance of power at the moment. The table is constantly changing based on the results of tournaments. However, gamblers should not rely on the rating as a key strategy, since the table shows the cyberplayer’s success in the past tournaments, while the skills of his opponents may increase. It is not uncommon for underdogs to beat the leaderboard.

Map: Taking Advantage of a Map

There are many maps in the game, and different maps give small advantages to certain factions, but advantages are conditional, because the better a player knows the map topography, resource locations and other aspects, the easier it is for him to get a jump start and achieve rapid development of buildings and units.

How to choose a player to bet on?

The following aspects are among the key aspects for betting on a particular gamer:

Why try your hand at Starcraft betting?

The peculiarity of the game is that it is no longer enough for professionals to play hard. In Starcraft, it is more important to be able to adjust to regular updates that make adjustments to the gameplay.

The level of gamers is growing, as is the popularity of the cult franchise. Event organizers hold regular tournaments among amateur teams. Therefore, fans of gambling entertainment should learn the basics of Starcraft 2 in order to earn money from this game in BC.

Exclusive StarCraft 2 betting strategies

Predicting this eSports discipline involves the use of a number of strategies in betting.

Against the favorite: why do favorites often lose?

Rating and win rate help to determine the favorite of the meeting or the tournament as a whole, but experienced punters use this data for the opposite purpose. Bettors often bet against the favorite, as the percentage of outsider wins is quite high. “Dark horses” often achieve wins over short distances – if the game is up to two wins. Longer distances, up to three or four wins, imply a higher probability of victory for the favorites.

Map: Who has the best terrain?

There are many maps available in Starcraft, with several being played within the confines of a single contest. Professional gamers approach the study of each map responsibly – they study the routes, the location of resources and the secrets of a particular area. The statistics shows that some factions win more often on certain maps. For example, the Dusk Towers map is usually won by the Terrans, while the Golden Wall terrain is usually won by the Protoss.

Mirrors: Enemy in Reflection

It is common for two of the same races to face off in a single combat. The decisive factor will be the percentage of gamer wins against the same race. For example, the famous cyber athlete Ruff likes to play for terrans, and against other terrans the gamer looks on his head higher. When two identical races meet, the skill of the player becomes crucial.

Which bookmakers take bets on StarCraft 2


If you love Starcraft 2 and have been wondering how to bet on Starcraft 2 games, you’ll be pleased to know that one of the latest esports betting sites has a strong focus on Starcraft 2. The site is called CyberBet, and it’s an up-and-coming platform that provides great odds for a wide range of markets for major events such as the Global StarCraft II League (GSL).

This new bookmaker came onto the scene in 2019, so they’ve had a few months’ time to perfect their operations and make sure everything is running smoothly. For example, when it comes to their website interface, which is one of the first things visitors will notice about them, they’ve done very well in creating a user-friendly experience despite the fact that their business model is fairly complex.


If you want to bet on SC2 esports, GGbet is a great choice. The bookmaker offers convenient betting options and a wide range of competitive events. But that’s not all.

GGbet has been in the business since 2016. It is licensed under the laws of Curacao and uses modern encryption technologies to ensure security for players. As a result, one can be absolutely sure that there will be no fraud or third-party interference during the game process.


Thunderpick is a relatively new esports betting site and it has a lot to offer. It has a nice looking and easy to navigate interface that works well both on desktop and mobile devices. Thunderpick is also home to some great video game odds, which include Starcraft 2.

The only downside of this sportsbook is that it doesn’t have as much money riding on the Starcraft 2 matches as some other sites do. However, there are usually enough bets for you to bet on the majority of the matches taking place every week.

Thunderpick is a great betting platform for both new and experienced bettors.


If Starcraft 2 betting sites is your area of expertise, it’s important to keep in mind that Pinnacle offers high odds and has an excellent reputation. You’ll also want to know that it is safe and secure. Its fast payment methods and reliable support make it a good choice for your needs.


Betway is one of the best esports betting sites. It offers many deposit and withdrawal options including credit cards, webmoney, neteller, skrill and ecopayz. Betway provides a wide array of esports betting options. Its customer support is particularly good. The site has live chat support which is accessible from its website with just one click.

It also has live betting available for those who want to bet on their games as they are still being played out. Mobile betting is available for users who wish to bet on their mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones running iOS or Android mobile operating systems.

We recommend this starcraft 2 betting site. It is safe and secure, fast payment and reliable support.

Three tips for beginner bettors on betting on Starcraft 2

Predicting this eSports discipline involves the use of a number of strategies in betting.

Tips for beginner bettors for successful Starcraft betting:

  1. Starcraft is not a team discipline. When analyzing an event, the bettor should consider the tone, health and experience of the individual player.
  2. The favorite is determined by a careful analysis of current performances and statistical indicators. The player’s playing tone at the distance of the player bodes well for success. At the same time it is important not to discount the sensation factor – often after a series of victories an experienced player relaxes and loses to an underdog.
  3. The tournament rank affects the players. Some gamers can’t stand the pressure and emotional intensity, which is reflected in their performance. The bigger the tournament, the harder it is for inexperienced and low-ranked players.


Can I make long term bets on Starcraft 2?

Yes, there are two options for long-term betting: bet on one of the winners and bet on the final (on one of the finalists).

How do I use the “micro-macro” strategy when betting on starcraft 2?

The “micro-macro” strategy is designed exclusively for playing in live mode. It is best used in Bo3, Bo5 and Bo7 formats. “Micro” – the game ends in the first phase (up to 20.5 minutes), “macro” – the fight drags on longer. The strategy is to wait for two consecutive “micro” or “macro” in the game opponents and bet on the opposite outcome. The odds depend on the level of gamers, but usually vary around 1.65-1.90.