Best Esports Betting Sites with Skrill

Skrill is also one of the more frequently chosen payment methods. In recent times, Skrill even dominated the popularity ratings among online payment methods for a long time. In our Skrill eSports betting payment methods review, we therefore want to take a closer look at the Skrill payment method for betting on eSports. In particular, we will look at the transactions, but also at any fees and other special features of Skrill.

But what does Skrill actually stand for? – Skrill stands for secure and fast internet transactions. Skrill sets accents in low-cost transactions, an outstanding website interface and new standards in security for the user and his sacred data. For the betting suitability of Skrill – the most important question first, you can bet on eSports.

You can bet on eSports with Skrill!

Yes, you can bet on eSports with Skrill and not without reason there are few exceptions of betting sites where you will not find Skrill listed as an option to pay. More so, Skrill even offers all the features you would want for online betting.

Best eSports bookmakers that support Skrill as a payment method

The reputation of Skrill has long before caught up with bookmakers as well, so without surprise there are few bookmakers that do not support the Skrill service on their websites. Here is a small selection of quality bookmakers that are perfectly compatible with Skrill:

Skrill eSports betting | What about cost efficiency?

At first glance, it seems like the decision at the premium gas station: Why is there another premium fuel right next to super. No one can blame you for thinking that, since Skrill costs from 8€ up to 15€ per withdrawal. Above all with small amounts of profit Skrill makes thus a substantial cost factor. Now there are already the first bookmakers who have reacted to the expensive service of Skrill: For example, Pinnacle offers a free withdrawal via the Skrill account once a month. Nevertheless, our tip remains that it would not be worthwhile to transfer small amounts. Therefore, it would be more cost-efficient to wait until you have accumulated a corresponding amount on the betting provider account and then pay out in bundles.

How do I set up my Skrill account?

If you want to find out more about registering with Skrill, this chapter is the right place to start. In our Skrill eSports betting payment methods review, the registration process turned out to be very simple and clear. Nevertheless, we have prepared a step-by-step guide to provide an initial overview.

  1. Registration: Skrill also requires you to register in the first step. You will be asked for the usual personal data, including e-mail, which is required for banking services. Once you have completed the registration procedure, you can log into your individual Skrill e-wallet
  2. Deposit: For depositing, Skrill also offers step-by-step instructions in the personal e-wallet. Since Skrill supports up to 40 currencies, it can also be used well for non-euro bets. The deposited money is then displayed in the e-wallet at all times.
  3. Betting: On the betting provider’s page, you just have to select the Skrill service in the payment menu. Here, the payment process is similar to other stores and you can debit the desired amount of money (stake) to the Skrill account.

Skrill eSports betting deposit & withdrawal?

Yes you can! The e-wallet allows bilateral payments to the house account and to that of the betting provider. Contrary to the fees at the betting provider, Skrill account transactions are charged only small amounts. Another advantage is the speed of transactions. The vast majority of amounts are balanced in seconds on the Skrill account (depending on the house bank also on the current account).

Conclusion Skrill eSport Betting Review

In our eSports betting payment methods review, we got to know Skrill from both sides. On the good side are the innovative interface and security versus the extremely high withdrawal fees charged by bookmakers. With our tip to only transfer higher amounts of money, you should be well advised and can use Skrill worry-free.