According to a new rumor, the 2023 Xbox Showcase could be home to the reveal of the Persona 3 Remake game. Persona 3 Remake has not been announced in an official capacity, but various leaks and rumors have suggested that the project is in the works at Atlus and simply awaiting an official reveal.

For some, the timing of the potential Persona 3 remake may seem a bit strange. After all, Persona 3 Portable was just recently ported to non-PlayStation platforms, so one would think franchise fans have had their fill of the game. However, it’s possible that Persona 3 Remake could be making substantial enough changes that even those who recently played through another version of the game may be convinced to pick up the new version.

It remains to be seen if the Persona 3 remake exists, but if it’s real, fans may be finding out about sooner rather than later. According to ResetEra member Im A Hero Too, who has leaked Persona news in the past, a Persona 3 remake announcement could be happening at the Xbox Showcase on June 11. They hinted as much, saying anyone interested in Persona should tune in to the event and that it will be “Evoke-itive,” a likely nod to the Evokers featured in Persona 3.

If Persona 3 Remake is announced at the Xbox Showcase, it may come as a shock to longtime fans of the franchise. While Persona has recently branched out to other platforms, it was primarily a PlayStation-exclusive series for years. There once was a time when it would be unheard of for any of the main series Persona games to appear on Xbox, let alone be revealed at an Xbox-branded event instead of a PlayStation one.

Interestingly, PlayStation is hosting its own showcase soon as well. Whereas the Xbox Showcase is happening June 11, PlayStation will be hosting its event on May 24. Spider-Man 2 seems like a lock for the PlayStation Showcase, though it’s otherwise anyone’s guess as to what will be featured at the event. However, if the rumors surrounding the Persona 3 remake are true, it seems that fans now know one game that won’t be there.

While hardcore Persona fans may be excited about a potential Persona 3 remake, others may be more interested in Persona 6. Unfortunately, Atlus still has yet to reveal Persona 6 to the masses, though the runaway success of Persona 5 means a new main series entry in the JRPG franchise is a virtual guarantee.

Persona 3 Remake is rumored to be in development.

Source: ResetEra

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