Best Rocket League Betting Sites You Must Know About

How to Bet on Rocket League Betting Site and Win?

Rocket League is one of the most popular computer games today. This is a football-style race. Sounds weird, doesn’t it? Therefore, after the appearance of the “Rocket League”, few people could have imagined that the game would receive recognition from gamers from almost all corners of the world. Moreover, at this stage, the Rocket League is an esports discipline included in various kinds of competitions. It is even possible to place bets on it in bookmakers. How to make a bet on RL, we will tell you in this article.

What is the game?

“Rocket League” implies that a player on a miniature, but very fast machine must send the ball (several times more cars) into the goal. It is important to highlight the following features of football racing:

  1. Two teams appear in the arena, each consisting of 3 participants.
  2. A real person is responsible for managing each machine, not artificial intelligence.
  3. Cars can be destroyed.

The main goal of all that is happening is to send the ball into the opponents’ goal. Points are awarded for each goal. To make it easier to send the ball into the goal, players of the same team intentionally destroy opponents.

What competitions are there in RL?



Since the game is really very popular in the world of esports, tournaments of different levels are held. For example, a CRL with a prize pool of 50 thousand dollars. ” Dreamhack ” RLSS. Here the prize funds are $100,000 each. Perhaps the largest tournament in this discipline can be considered the RLCS. Here 400 thousand are already distributed among the winners. In total, 1,000,000 reais per season in different tournaments.

What do you need to know when betting on the “Rocket League”?

We are talking about a very dynamic game where everything can change dramatically in a few seconds. To place bets, you need to take into account some important points.

Rocket League betting

Rocket League betting

Which type of bet is better to choose?

Every spectator has the opportunity to bet on the Rocket League. The most common betting options will be listed below:

Betting strategies

If the bettor does not have the proper experience, he will surely say that there are still no betting schemes for Rocket League. But this is not quite true. Follow all the tournaments carefully, and then you will know certain secrets that will surely help to increase your own pot.

The most popular bookmakers for betting on the Rocket League

The ability to make money on betting depends not only on how well a person understands the game, but also on the competent choice of a bookmaker. Next will be a list of the best offices that will allow you to earn real money on RL.

Rocket League betting sites

Rocket League betting sites – this office is legal, and today it owns the leadership in the Russian Federation in the esports betting market.


There is one minus here, but quite serious: sometimes, the coefficients are cut very much.

Arcanabet – this office does not specialize directly in esports, but still has a line for interactive tournaments.


According to reviews, there are no serious disadvantages or shoals in this company.

Batway – this office specializes in sports betting, but also pays due attention to the section “Esports”.


The disadvantage is that the site is not fully finalized.

Pinnacle is one of the foreign BC. There are nice bonuses for novice bettors here.

Positive aspects:

Minus – the review of tournaments is not very well developed. You can only bet on big tournaments.

888sport  are the leading companies in Europe and the USA, with regard to bets on the Rocket League and not only.


Minus – residents of the Russian Federation cannot access the official website, due to the fact that the office is not registered with the Federal Tax Service of Russia. We have to constantly spend time looking for working mirrors.

Some tips on betting on RL


Rocket League bet

Rocket League bet

If you are able to fully understand Rocket League, then it’s a good idea to replenish your bank. But remember that you don’t need to bet at random. All bets are placed only after a competent analysis of the opponents.