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The computer game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is not just called the discoverer of the “royal battle” genre. Even if such a mode was found in games before, it was PUBG that kind of opened this format to the general public. The game was released in 2017. It became a real hit. The total number of gamers and viewers of the game has been in the top among all games for many months. Of course, e-sports could not ignore such a game. After some time, the first tournaments began, and many esports organizations started their own squads.

Currently, the popularity of the game has declined. A brighter competitor Fortnite and many other products in the “Battle Royale” genre have appeared on the market. But still a great project from PlayerUnknown continues to be on the list of projects that are played most often. Bookmakers also did not leave the game without attention and together with the first tournaments began to offer their lines on the PUBG. At the same time, for fans of this game there is an opportunity to bet not only money, but also things from the Steam inventory. You will learn about this possibility and much more from this article.

Features of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

The gameplay of the game is to stay the last among the survivors and thereby win. At the same time, one hundred players can fight each other on one big map. Tactics for survival here are different. Someone can sit in ambush all the time, competently hiding from rivals and coming out only at the end. Someone is going ahead, trying to destroy everyone in their path and find as tough a weapon as possible. Each match starts the same way – all players fly over the map and at any moment they have to jump out to land with a parachute in the area where they want. As soon as everyone has reached the ground, the battle begins.

The initial goal after landing is to find weapons, supplies, clothing, armor, and so on. The player actually lands with almost nothing. Therefore, it is extremely unlikely to win without the necessary things at all. The most effective method will be to reach the nearest buildings and find loot there earlier than other players. In addition, for the convenience of moving around the map, various means of transportation are located everywhere. Occasionally, large boxes with the most valuable and rare equipment fall from the sky, which is often extremely difficult to get to because of the terrain and competitors.

To add dynamics to the gameplay, the battle zone begins to gradually decrease over time. At first it takes up the entire map, and then it becomes so small that the opponents can no longer ignore each other. If you are outside the zone, the player will die, so usually all players tend to the center of this area in order to take the most advantageous positions there. And since there are fewer and fewer places, conflicts begin to occur more often. As a result, there is only one winner.

Both single players and teams of two or four people can take part in the duel. So your team will not be considered a loser as long as there is at least one survivor. The implemented review gives the choice to act from the first or third person.

However, most of the main PUBG competitions are held in the mode of squads of four people and a first-person view. Thus, it turns out more dynamically. At first, everyone played only on one map, “Erangel”, but after a while the developer added two others: “Miramar” and “Sanhok”. The choice of the card depends only on the organizers themselves.
In addition to the PC version, a mobile game in the same PUBG Mobile setting has also gained great success. And tournaments are even held on it, although bookmakers almost never cover them.

Types of bets on PUBG

This cyber discipline, due to its novelty and general rules, is extremely unpredictable. After all, anyone can win here, everything will depend on the selected “loot” and the tactics of the “squad”. In total, there are usually 25 teams on the server, and the bookmaker cannot place the chances of winning all of them. So there is a choice here, but it is a little narrower, and general bids are presented, such as:

There are very few specific bets, so the main task of the forecaster is to determine whether a particular team will get into the top ten of the last survivors. Therefore, before you bet, you need to evaluate the current form of the player or “squad”. To do this, you can always check statistics or review the latest game streams and matches. There can be no special strategies here, since there are a lot of factors affecting the result.

Popular PUBG tournaments for betting  in 2022:



How to put things from the PUBG inventory?

Since the project got its distribution through the well-known Steam platform, it also received many chips from it. For example, cosmetic kits, or “skins” were added. They can be obtained randomly during the game or bought on an intra-platform trading platform. They are bought for real money, while the price can be quite high, so you can also bet them. All bets with their “clothes” can be divided into two groups: roulette and regular betting in bookmakers.

The roulettes correspond to their name. Here the player can put his thing in the hope that he will be lucky and something more valuable will fall out. Everything will depend only on chance, and somehow it is impossible to influence the loss of this or that “skin” in any way. Moreover, recently roulette has earned itself an extremely negative reputation due to the large number of scammers.

But things can be put even at bookmakers, if the office offers such an opportunity. However, for this you will need to go through a small procedure:

Bookmakers accepting bets on PUBG



Betting on PUBG is usually available in any bookmaker that somehow gives a line on esports events. However, some take only the largest competitions, so it is difficult to meet bets. It is better to play in BC, which place bets, including on small tournaments.