Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Where You Find Wood

Pokemon Legends is a game with many different types of gameplay elements and mechanics. There’s tower defense, card collection, puzzle, and even a bit of farming. Players start out by building a farm in the early levels, but it isn’t long until you need to find new ways to get more resources to build your farm faster or bigger. Wood is one of those key items that becomes very difficult to obtain after the first few minutes of playing Pokemon Legends. There are only a handful of places to get wood from and we’ve got all the details on where you can find more!

How to get Wood in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

How to make a Pokeshi doll

Arceus is one of the key Pokemon Legends characters and he’s definitely the most important to the game’s plot. He’s actually an ancient Pokemon who came to Earth during its creation and created the Pokemon species using powers that we can only begin to comprehend. Now, he’s been trapped in a cocoon for eons and you have to help him escape by collecting Pokemon cards and completing puzzles on a mysterious island. Arceus is the source of all wood in Pokemon Legends. Once you gain access to the farm, you can send him on daily tasks to acquire wood. He can also be sent on weekly tasks to collect pokecoins, the premium currency in Pokemon Legends.

Where to find wood

Since wood is only needed for one crafting recipe in the entire game, it’s not a material you’ll find often – even if it seems strange given how many trees there are everywhere. And although the guy in the crafting factory in Jubilee Village sells some materials, wood is not one of them.

guide pokemon legends arceus forest location

It can be found by chance, but it’s pretty rare. However, it will spawn more frequently in five specific areas of the map. Here are the places you’re most likely to find wood in Pokemon Legends: Arceus:

If you prefer one of these locations or have only unlocked the Obsidian Fields, go back to the camp and tell Professor Laventon that you want to return to Jubilife Village. Then return to the same location and the location’s spawns will be reset.

Arceus Encounter and Skill Tasks

If you don’t have access to the farm because you’re too low a level or you simply don’t have enough wood to build it yet, you can try to encounter Arceus as you normally would to collect cards. Every day, you’ll have a chance to find Arceus somewhere on the island. If you find Arceus, you’ll be able to collect some cards from him. This is a great way to get a jump-start on your card collection, but you’ll want to pay attention to the skill tasks that Arceus offers. These skill tasks are essential to the game’s progression. You’ll want to complete as many of these as you can as soon as possible. The sooner you can start collecting cards, the better. Each skill task rewards you with XP and a small amount of coins. You’ll earn more coins the higher level Arceus is.

The Daily Task – Planting Trees

After you’ve collected a certain number of cards from Arceus, he’ll offer you a new daily task. The daily task is to plant trees at the farm. To start this task, you’ll need to pay 10 wood. This will start a timer that lasts 24 hours. At the end of those 24 hours, you’ll collect 10 additional wood for a grand total of 20 wood for the price of 10! This is an incredible deal, especially early on in the game when you desperately need wood. Planting trees is a great way to get more wood without having to send Arceus on any of his harder tasks.

Crafting with Wood

You can find a crafting table in your inventory once you’ve built a level 1 farm. The crafting table allows you to craft items using the materials you get from collecting cards. The most useful item you can craft with wood is the Brush. The Brush is used to clear weeds from your farm. This can be incredibly helpful if you want to keep expanding your farm as quickly as possible, but don’t want to send Arceus on the Weeding task. You can also use wood to craft more trees. This is helpful if you’re planting trees as a daily task and you want to collect them before the 24 hours expires. If you want to be more efficient with your trees, you can craft a Sawmill. The Sawmill eliminates the need to plant trees on your farm. You can use it to convert wood into trees.

How to make a Pokeshi doll

As you progress through the game and increase your star rank as a member of the Galaxy Team Survey Corps, you will receive requests from NPCs more frequently. Anvin, the shopkeeper of Craftworks asks you to make him a Pokeshi doll – This is the ‘Please! Make me a Pokeshi doll’. Request.

How to make a Pokeshi doll

To make a Pokeshi doll in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, you only need three wood. Once you have found three pieces of wood, you can make the Pokeshi doll using a workbench or crafting kit.

Once you have the Pokeshi doll in your inventory, go back to Anvil and talk to him. Pokeshi dolls can be sold for 1,000 Pokemon dollars.


Wood is a rare resource in Pokemon Legends. It can only be collected from Arceus and only by sending him on tasks. The daily task is to plant trees, but you can also send him on other tasks to collect Pokecoins. You can also use wood to craft items like a Brush or a Sawmill to make your farm more efficient. This is one of the most important resources in Pokemon Legends. If you don’t have enough wood, you won’t be able to build anything.

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