Pokemon Legends: Arceus - How to Obtain the Lost in the Swamp Spell

The residents of Jubilife Village and the Hisui region are always asking for help with Pokemon Legends: Arceus . On your way to the Purple Swamp, you will certainly have the opportunity to speak with Yojiro, who has recently lost an appeal in the Overcharge. Yojiro will give you the request 40, called The Spell Lost in the Swamp.

Rather than scouring the entire swamp, we’re here to help you quickly find the charm in question. In this guide, we’ll probably take a look at how to unlock this request, how to complete it, and what the rewards are. First, let’s take a look at the steps you need to take before this request becomes available.

Requirements to open


To unlock request 40, you need to defeat Lilligant and talk to the woman in the Appeal Shop.

Lilligant is the 2nd noble Pokemon you fight and is located in the Crimson Swamp area.

The magic shop is a small shrine-like area in the northwest of Jubilife Town. To get here, you will need to bump into the entrance to the training area and then transform before entering. You will surely soon see a small hill with the Beauty Shop. After talking to Lucille, the enquiry 40 will open.

Acceptance of the magic shed in the swamp

Yojiro will certainly go to the bog camp in the Carmelite Swamp. When you speak to him, you will certainly get the request to go to his shed.

Beauty Place


In the photo above, you can see the area of Yojiro’s lost beauty. This is a small muddy fish pond, with a smaller “island” in the middle. The enchantment is located slightly off the middle island. Make your way to this area and you should see something shining in the mucky water.

This area is full of Pokemon, including an Alpha Hippowdon. Be careful when looking for the beauty; any Pokemon nearby will be aggressive.

Interacting with the spell will surely cause a Hippowdon to appear. If you defeat this Pokemon, Yojiro will retrieve his talisman and the request is over.


Upon completion, you will receive the following items.

That’s all there is to learn about request 40. Don’t forget to ask for others in the Hisui region at the end!


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