Pokemon Fan Shares Cool Idea for Shaking Up the Journey to the Elite Four

A Pokemon player shared an interesting idea for a new game to spice up the adventure of the main character as they battle their way to the Elite Four to become the new Pokemon Champion. While all Pokemon games bring different mechanics and creatures to capture, they always revolve around the same goal of defeating gym leaders to access the toughest trainers of them all, the Elite Four, and finally, challenging the Pokemon League Champion to take their crown.

The Elite Four are trainers that players need to defeat consecutively in order to reach the Pokemon League Champion, the best Pokemon trainer from the region. Once the main character manages to defeat the Elite Four and the Pokemon League Champion without losing to any of them, they become the new Champion. Each region has this system to test trainers, except for the Galar region from Pokemon Sword and Shield, which uses the Champion Cup to replace the Elite Four and lead to the battle against Leon, the local Pokemon Champion.

A Pokemon fan known as Jortor400 on Reddit shared an interesting concept to shake up the journey to the Pokemon Elite Four by making the main character’s mother the Pokemon Champion. When the player leaves the house at the beginning of the game, Jortor400 suggests having the mother warn her child that she wouldn’t be home later. When the main character finally defeats the Elite Four and the time has come to defeat the Pokemon Champion, the mother steps in with a fancy Champion costume and the main legendary Pokemon of the game. When defeated, the main character’s mom would give their child the title of Pokemon Champion and the legendary creature.

Make Mom the champion!
by u/Jortor400 in pokemon

In the comments to this Reddit post, other Pokemon fans enjoyed this idea. They suggested alternative scenarios, such as having the mother begin her journey as a Pokemon trainer at the same time as their kid, only to beat them to the Pokemon League and become the Champion right before the main character. NPCs that the player meets on their journey to defeat the gym leaders could also hint at the mother’s identity as the Pokemon Champion, without ever revealing the plot twist. This idea to shake up the journey to the Elite Four reminded other players of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, where the character’s mother is one of the best performers in the competitions that rated Pokemon on their appearance and performance and not their prowess in battle.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have several Champions, each with a unique backstory. However, the main character’s mother never reached that title. This could make for a good twist in future Pokemon games.

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