Best Esports Betting Sites with PayPal

There are many different payment options that are allowed on cyber sports betting sites. Cyber sports betting with PayPal in 2022 is becoming increasingly popular because of its convenience and reliability. PayPal has become a very well-known online payment method, recognized by many betting sites.

The best eSports betting sites with PayPal

We have analyzed and compared many betting sites that specialize in cybersports betting, and we are ready to offer you a list of the best bookmakers that provide the widest selection of cybersports games and work with PayPal. They all differ in terms of features, bonuses and types of cybersports games you can bet on. One thing they all have in common is PayPal on the list of available payment methods. This electronic wallet has established itself as one of the most convenient and fastest online payment methods for depositing and cashing out on betting sites. Therefore, the most advanced and customer-friendly betting sites will definitely have this option as a valid payment method for their customers. Let’s check which sites are ready to offer you the possibility to use e-wallet and what features and advantages PayPal is famous for.

Types of bets

Typically, there are different types of bets available on PayPal cyber sports betting sites. For example, money lines, spot spreads, totes, expresses, futures, and many others. Check the particular betting site for your favorite types of bets.


Check exactly what a cyber sports betting site with PayPal has to offer its customers. Does it provide access to live streaming? Are there other gaming options such as cybersports betting, casino games, etc. Does the site have a mobile version or app? Decide what you need and make your choice according to personal preference.

Deposit Limits

Before you start with any cyber sports betting site with PayPal, check the minimum and maximum deposits it allows. By depositing small amounts of money through PayPal, you’ll be able to try out the betting site before you play the big ones.


Find out what bonuses the bookmaker’s site offers its customers. If the site offers a welcome bonus on your first deposit, don’t miss your chance to get it, and check if a bonus is available when you make a deposit via PayPal.

How to bet on eSports using PayPal

Betting with PayPal is very easy and doesn’t require much time or effort on your part. You will need to open a PayPal account and deposit money from PayPal to the cyber sports betting site of your choice. You will then be able to withdraw your winnings into your bank account if you wish.

Opening a PayPal Account

If you are a newcomer, you will need to open a PayPal account, enter your personal information, and confirm your email address. If you want to add your bank account, you will also need to enter your banking information.

How to fund your account

  1. On the teller page, select PayPal as your preferred payment method.
  2. Once you are redirected to the PayPal site, log into your account and make a deposit. If you are a newbie, create an account.
  3. You will be returned to the cyber sports betting site with PayPal with the option to use your deposit to place bets.

How to withdraw funds

  1. In the Cashier section, select PayPal as your preferred payment method.
  2. Enter your PayPal email address.
  3. Wait a little bit for confirmation from the bookmaker’s site.
  4. That’s it – your funds are available in your PayPal wallet.

What you can bet on

Most popular betting platforms that offer PayPal as a possible payment option usually have a wide variety of cyber sports that you can bet on. The most popular games, such as CS:GO, Dota 2, StarCraft 2, Call of Duty, League of Legends and others, are usually on the lists of almost every cyber sports betting site with PayPal. New games like Overwatch, PUBG and Fortnite also add variety to cybersports sites.

What bonuses are offered by PayPal cybersports betting sites

Almost all cybersports betting sites with PayPal attract new players with welcome bonuses. You can use these funds to bet on the outcomes of your favorite games. They vary in size and the rules of how and when you can use them. For example, there is a bonus of 100% of the deposit amount. If you make a deposit via PayPal or another banking method, you will receive the same amount in additional betting tokens. You can use these tokens to bet on various sporting events.

Other types of bonuses include:

What to watch out for when using PayPal

PayPal is a great payment method that allows you to easily and securely transfer funds to many betting sites and withdraw your winnings to your bank account without any problems. Unfortunately, there are still some pitfalls you may encounter when trying to use this electronic wallet. Here’s what you need to know if you want to prioritize this option:

Potential limits.

There are potential limits set by betting companies if you prefer PayPal for cyber sports betting over other payment methods. These conditions may vary from company to company. Usually, the minimum deposit amount is between 5 and 10 euros, and the same applies to the minimum withdrawal amount. As for the maximum amount you can withdraw from a cybersports betting site PayPal account per transaction, it can also vary and is up to 5000 euros. However, some betting sites make exceptions for their regular customers. It is not unreasonable to contact support to find out if the withdrawal limits can be changed.

Deposit and Withdrawal Deadlines

If you already have a PayPal account, you will be able to instantly transfer money from it to the cybersports site. It may take a little longer to withdraw your winnings, usually up to several business days. Security measures at such services are strict, and cybersports betting sites with PayPal check personal information to make sure the money gets to the right person.

Note that if you have just opened a PayPal account, it is possible that your first deposit from e-wallet to bookmaker account will be rejected and sent for additional identity verification. It depends on which country you are from. You will need to upload documents to prove your identity.

Are there any fees

Online cyber sports betting sites do not charge any additional fees if you use PayPal to make a deposit. The best betting sites pay the fees that PayPal charges for depositing for you. E-wallet charges a currency conversion fee. Keep in mind that currency exchange rates are very unprofitable for PayPal. But if you are using an online bookmaker from your home country, you won’t have to pay anything extra because there is no currency conversion in this case.

Safety and security

With PayPal, you don’t have to share your banking information with the betting site. The best cyber sports betting sites that use PayPal take security measures very seriously. Having an e-wallet among the payment options can be considered one of those measures.

PayPal is a very reputable e-wallet that spends a lot of effort and puts a lot of resources into keeping your personal information and money in your account secure. The digital security measures they are able to provide can be compared to the same precautions banks take.

Remember, however, that your password and other personal information are still at risk unless you use additional security authorization processes, such as fingerprint verification or a phone call.

Alternatives to cyber sports betting with PayPal

Because of its convenience, high level of security and speed of transactions, PayPal has become the preferred payment method for many bettors when we talk about betting on cybersports games. However, keep in mind that this is not the only option for various money transactions on cybersports betting sites. Here are a few other options for your consideration:

Credit and debit cards.

You can use credit or debit cards to fund your betting account. You can try this option right here. Remember that you will need to give your card details directly to the cyber sports betting companies. Some countries prohibit the use of credit cards for online gambling, so it’s not always convenient to rely on this payment method.

Electronic Wallets

An e-wallet is a great way to keep your money safe and sound in one place online and be able to deposit and withdraw money from betting sites. PayPal is the wallet we’ve already described. Other examples of electronic wallets include Neteller, Skrill, Apple Pay and Google Pay. You can check out the Skrill e-wallet here.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards come in different denominations, usually smaller. They are not linked to your bank account, so you don’t have to give out your bank information when you use them to place bets online. You can buy them in stores with cash or another payment method.


Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular in the world of cyber sports betting. Using digital money for online transactions is quite convenient. However, understanding how it works can be tricky, and the price of digital currency can change very quickly. Check which cryptocurrencies are accepted for cyber sports betting.


The variety of payment options and having PayPal as one of them can be seen as an important feature that you will want to consider when choosing a cybersports betting site. A reliable cybersports betting site with an impeccable reputation and a well-developed support team will offer you a wide variety of payment options. If you see PayPal on the list, remember its advantages over other online payment options, including fast money transactions, security, and anonymity.