Overwatch 2 Clip Shows How Effective Brigitte Can Be at Canceling Enemy Ults

The Ultimate abilities in Overwatch 2 can be the decisive factor between winning and losing, and so can interrupting them, as was the case for a Brigitte player in a video posted online. Amid her Rally Ultimate, the Overwatch 2 support Brigitte goes on a rampage of denying the other team’s Ultimates, making a point that sometimes denying the clutch play is the most clutch play of all.

Overwatch 2 hit the ground running and kept a steady momentum throughout the course of its first four seasons. After a recent developer announcement that its long-awaited PvE mode was being scrapped in its current form, an extensive roadmap showing a series of additions was revealed to soften the blow, including another new support hero, some intriguing limited-time events, and a new core game mode for seasons five and six. Given the last Overwatch 2 support hero Lifeweaver’s unique and inventive kit, the prospects for the next one are enticing.

Reddit user Stroppyness showed off their incredible defensive play as Overwatch 2’s melee-focused support Brigitte on the Ilios map. Activating the Rally Ultimate, which empowers Brigitte’s other abilities and provides health to nearby allies, Stroppyness went on a rampage of shutting down the other team’s Ultimates. The Shield Bash ability has a slight stun when it hits, which was what two of the players on the enemy team were on the receiving end of as they popped their Ultimates in a coordinated, failed attempt to win the fight. First came the Reaper, whose fruitless attempt was quashed in an instant by a casual bonk from Brigitte. Then, Reinhart’s Earthshatter was nullified by a frame-perfect raising of Brigitte’s Rally-enhanced shield. Finally, the enemy Moira was subjected to the same cruel fate as the Reaper, stunned out of her ult by another quick shield bash.

Cancelled 3 ults with one rally I’m so attractiveeee
by u/Stroppyness in Overwatch

The push-and-pull nature of Overwatch 2 sets it apart from other team shooters, greatly rewarding teamwork and communication. Fights are won and lost on Ultimates, with most games decided by which team used theirs more effectively. It leads to fewer steamrolling matches, where even teams far behind can pull back and win through clever Ultimate usage. In Stroppyness’s case, stopping that from happening made all the difference.

Overwatch 2 has hit a crossroads with the announcement of the canceled PvE mode but its PvP remains as thrilling as ever, evidenced by Stroppyness’s video. In a game where teamwork is key, one player coming through in the clutch to make the difference is an impressive feat that highlights the inimitable magic of Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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