A new Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak bug is currently being investigated by the game’s development team, and this time, the issue involves the disappearance of crafting materials in the action-RPG. With crafting materials an important feature in Monster Hunter Rise, and in every Monster Hunter title in the franchise, the player base will probably be on high alert on when the devs will be able to resolve the problem.

Experiencing a few gameplay issues and bugs is not something unfamiliar to the Monster Hunter player base. Given that the title constantly provides updates to service its fans, whether it is through the regular cycle of hunter events or massive title patches that add new playable content, it is not surprising for a few new issues to pop up. However, given how important the crafting feature is in the whole franchise, the issue of materials disappearing is likely something that the development team has to address as soon as they possibly can.

On Twitter, Capcom announced that it is investigating a crafting material bug on Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak for all platforms. According to the post, the issue appears only during a specific circumstance, when players are choosing materials or armor spheres while forging and upgrading equipment or crafting decorations. While in the crafting menu, the chosen materials may disappear when the player chooses not to push through with the activity. This can mean that when they accidentally exit the crafting screen, the materials they would have used can be lost forever.

Fortunately, Capcom provides a few tips on how to avoid disappearing materials and armor spheres in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. The first is that players should not cancel their crafting in the first place, especially when they have already chosen materials. If they accidentally close the crafting screen, players should not produce any decorations until they have opened another screen that allows them to choose materials, or they should open the same crafting screen they accidentally canceled and close it again. The final recommended workaround has players rebooting their game without saving, potentially losing some progress but not the materials for crafting.

Replies on the Twitter thread showed mixed reactions from the Monster Hunter fan base, especially since there are other bugs that the development team has yet to resolve. In a recent Twitter post, Capcom also addressed the issue of monster aggression, stating that it will be fixing the problem in the next update. Hopefully the team will also implement the fix for the disappearing materials bug at the same time as well.

Monster Hunter Rise is available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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