Mass Effect Fans Have One Big Request for ME4's Romances

Fans of the Mass Effect franchise have shared their hope for more romance interrupt prompts in the upcoming Mass Effect 4. Some feel that romance could pose a huge challenge for Mass Effect 4, but this request would certainly help improve the feature.

Romances in Mass Effect are a key part of the RPG experience. Each one of them offers some of the most compelling storytelling in any RPG, which is why so many players replay the games, choosing new love interests each time. Their inclusion did not come without controversy, with the climactic scenes to the romances getting the original game banned in Singapore back in 2007. This was eventually overturned, and the series has shown no intention since to censor itself as a result.

Redditor Von_Uber put their request online, claiming that they’d like Mass Effect 4 to feature more romance-specific interrupts that the player can choose to take part in. Their example came from Mass Effect 3, when the player is able to interrupt Specialist Traynor with a kiss to stop her anger. With more of these moments in a sequel, it would make the player feel more involved with the romance, expanding on the idea of player choice in Mass Effect. If BioWare is committed to giving players as much choice as possible, then this would be the perfect place to start.

I hope ME4 has more romance specific interrupts like this to add more depth to them.
by u/Von_Uber in masseffect

Gamers in the thread agreed, and were quick to point out other important romance interrupts from across the Mass Effect franchise. Jack at Grissom Academy in Mass Effect 3 is another great example, with Mass Effect: Andromeda even having its share of romance interrupts. It certainly adds a more organic feeling to Mass Effect’s romances, which at times have been criticized for being too easy to complete with just a few pieces of dialogue.

Romances are sure to play a massive part in Mass Effect 4 after they made a return in Mass Effect: Andromeda. Interestingly, Liara has already been confirmed for Mass Effect 4, after she was a key love interest in the original trilogy. It’s currently unknown if she’ll return as a potential romance, and that probably hinges on whether BioWare chooses to bring back Commander Shepard once again. Right now, there are certainly some hints to suggest they might be returning, but with the game still some way from release, players face a wait to find out for sure.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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