Locating all the copies of the Missionary's Cookbook in Elden Ring

To access the crafting elements, various Cookbooks have been distributed across the different regions in the game. Some are simply lying around and can be acquired by looting the bodies or buying them from vendors, while the others necessitate a bit more effort. Here is the method to find all seven of the Missionary’s Cookbooks.

To make it through your explorations in Elden Ring, you are going to require some resources to assist you along the journey. These could be objects to heal any negative conditions or consumable arms that grant you an advantage during combat. Generally, the simplest way to get these items is by making them yourself.

To gain access to the crafting items, you need to find the seven Missionary’s Cookbooks hidden in various places in the game. Locating some of these is simple; they can be taken from the dead bodies or purchased from vendors. Obtaining the remaining ones, however, may need extra effort. Here is a guide to help you find all seven.

Obtaining a Cookbook will put the contents into your crafting stock. To avail of this facility, you’ll have to get the Crafting Kit primary item. Subsequently, you will observe an alternative labeled Item Crafting in the menu.

Fortunately, you won’t have to put in a lot of effort – we have an informative guide that will point you in the right direction and explain the basics of crafting.

Locations and recipes of the Missionary’s Cookbook are made available.

Educators provide a map of the area

Locations and recipes of the Missionary's Cookbook

Discovering the Missionary’s Cookbook can be accomplished by following five steps.

The Cookbook is accessible if you’ve already opened the Aqueduct-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace in the Siofra River. To get it, you need to go through the tunnel on the left, then continue out of the tunnel towards the cliff.

Descend cautiously onto the ledge, and then lower yourself onto the round structure, being aware not to overlook the edge. Immediately make a right turn and cross the bridge to a second round building, where the Cookbook will be on a dead body.

Take caution when you are in this vicinity, a formidable Crucible Knight is nearby. Be aware!

Discovering the Missionary’s Cookbook can be achieved by using the steps outlined in number six.

For this Cookbook, begin your journey at the Temple of Eiglay located in Volcano Manor. Take the lift on the right-hand side, go out onto the fortress walls, and then go around until you come to the cliffs with molten lava running down them.

Leap off the edge and quickly evacuate the lava to avoid being incinerated, and then follow the route around. At the termination of the precipice, ascend and make your way across the molten rock to the tower. Beware of the adversary equipped with two colossal swords, and hop through the window on the tower’s right side.

To take a shortcut, open the wooden door on the right, then spin and go down the ladder. Carefully fight off any adversaries as you make your way down the stairs into the darkness below. Open the barred entrance with the body behind it and you will be rewarded with the Cookbook.

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