A neighborhood in Las Vegas revealed unique street names inspired by Pokemon. Future residents would be able to live out their dreams of becoming a Pokemon Master if they decide to purchase a home in the area.

According to a report by KLAS 8 News NOW, housing development company Harmony Homes recently revealed its new community project named Serenity Place. Located in Henderson, Nevada, this neighborhood now has homes situated along Pokemon-themed street names, like Jigglypuff Place, Squirtle Lane, and Snorlax Lane.

Harmony Homes construction manager Andrea Miller explained that the process of thinking up street names for neighborhood isn’t easy. A developer must first figure out the number of streets, then submit twice the number of names to the jurisdiction to find out which ones they could use or have already been used. To ensure that Serenity Place’s street names weren’t too “common,” Miller ultimately went with her kids’ favorite Pokemon characters. She said that little kids and diehard Pokemon fans love the idea for the street names, adding that Jigglypuff Place was her personal favorite because it made her giggle.

This isn’t the first time Harmony Homes drew inspiration from popular kids’ media for unique street names. Its neighborhood in North Las Vegas has Paw Patrol street names, while an upcoming project called Grandview will reportedly have Yellowstone-inspired street names. Meanwhile, another neighborhood called Avery Place, inspired by the home of Tabasco sauce, Avery Island, has streets named after peppers, with Pickled Pepper Place as the main street.

Apart from being a highly successful video game franchise and TV series, Pokemon has also become a tourist attraction in many countries. Many travelers have made their way to various Pokemon Centers in countries like Japan and Singapore to snag official merchandise, and immerse themselves in the world of Pokemon. Some cities in Japan also have Poke Lids, which are artistic manhole covers featuring Pokemon like Snorlax, Eevee, and Pikachu.

For nearly two decades, Pokemon has captured the hearts of many fans around the world as they invest time on the games and animated series. With Serenity Place opting for Pokemon street names, it might just draw in both young and old fans to find their future homes there, while also showcasing their love for the franchise. Hopefully Nintendo doesn’t force Harmony Homes to change the street names in the future, especially considering how strict Nintendo is with copyright.

Source: KLAS 8 News NOW

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