Learning How to Obtain the Fighting Knife in Resident Evil 4's Remake

Resident Evil 4 remake follows Leon S. Kennedy on his mission to liberate Ashley Graham from an infested cult. On reaching the assumed place, Leon has to go on by himself, battling through a multitude of contaminated locals to advance the plot.

As Leon advances through each chapter of Resident Evil 4, he can gain equipment that can help him in combat. Through exploration, conversation with the Merchant, and by finishing various tasks, he can get new weapons, but some can only be earned when certain story points have been reached. A prime example is The Fighting Knife, which is only available at a later stage in the game.

Obtaining the Fighting Knife in the Resident Evil 4 Remake

How to Obtain the Fighting Knife in Resident Evil 4's Remake

Once players take control of Leon in Chapter 1, they will be able to use his Combat Knife to fight enemies. In addition to the Kitchen and Boot Knives scattered throughout each area, the Combat Knife is the most reliable tool for close-quarter combat at the start of the game. This is because of its robustness and power, however, better knives such as the Fighting Knife can be obtained when progressing through the game.

At the end of Chapter 14, Leon will prevail over Krauser and gain the Fighting Knife as a reward. This knife is distinct from the standard Combat Knife, offering a higher degree of durability and strength. However, if it is used too often, it can become damaged and require repairing. During the initial playthrough, the Fighting Knife is the only perpetual blade available.

Steps to Fix the Combat Knife in the Resident Evil 4 Redo

How to Repair the Fighting Knife in Resident Evil 4 Remake

When utilizing the Fighting Knife during battle, players will notice the durability meter located in the bottom right-hand corner of the display. Once this gauge has been depleted, the knife will no longer be of use, and Leon will need to find an alternative method to take down his adversaries. By the time the Fighting Knife has been unlocked, the Combat Knife will also be available as an option, but it is advised to repair the Fighting Knife when the opportunity presents itself.

Resident Evil 4 Remake fighting Knife

The Fighting Knife can be mended by locating the Merchant, engaging with him, and then choosing the ‘Tune-Up’ option. After that, all the weapons and equipment that Leon has acquired can be improved in return for Pesetas.

Fighting Knife upgrade its power and durability

It is possible to use Pesetas to bolster the power and durability of the Fighting Knife when it has been fixed. If players upgrade both of these to their maximum levels, they will gain access to the Exclusive upgrade, which will double the weapon’s potency.

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How to Obtain the Fighting Knife in Resident Evil 4's Remake