Horizon Forbidden West: Everything You Need to Know About Salvage Companies

There are a variety of tasks to perform in Horizon Forbidden West and this includes the brand new salvage specialists. These specialists will ask you to track down certain pieces of equipment and they will certainly send you on a quest to the different areas of the map.

You can complete these tasks when you stumble across them, or save them for later. However, it may be worthwhile to bother with them just for the rewards. Here is everything you need to know about Salvage Specialists.

What are salvage specialists?

All over the Forbidden West camps, salvage specialists are teams of people who search for machine parts in the bushes. If you stumble across one, you can talk to them to help.

Each professional is out in the Forbidden West to win a particular competition. They have to make the best and most effective armour using the components they can find. Aloy goes along and also encounters this competition from Larend and Keruf – who can be initially satisfied in Barren Light before heading west – as well as will certainly travel to discover the various other specialists to help them all.

Aside from the mission itself, you can also trade with each of the service providers as they offer many machine parts. So if you’re looking for something specific but don’t want to go searching, check in with them and see what’s in stock.

Where you can find each salvage service provider

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There are four Salvage Specialists in the world of Perspective Forbidden West , and they too can each be completed as part of a mission. Their areas can be seen on the maps above, in order of likely discovery.

What do you receive for completing all the salvage deals?

After each team has made their shield, a scene will play in which Keruf will judge the teams. At the end of the scene, you will receive the Oseram Artisan Set – a combined armour made from one of the most effective shields in the video game . You do not have the ability to unlock this earlier in the game, and only after finding as well as completing each of the salvage contracts.

After completing this, you can still return to any camp and trade with the specialists for manufacturer parts.

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