Halo Player Notices Strange Detail About Iconic Vehicle

A Halo Reach player has discovered a strange detail about one of the series’ iconic vehicles – the forklift. The vehicles in Halo have always been a crucial part of the franchise, and it’s interesting to see that they have many quirks left to discover, even in the older titles.

The forklift was first introduced as a drivable vehicle in Halo Reach, and it became instantly iconic. Not because it was particularly useful – but because it wasn’t. It had no weapons, and couldn’t be shot from. That only made it all the more satisfying to splatter a bunch of Covenant grunts, condemning them to death by forklift. It would become a mainstay in the series afterward, and remained a fun meme within the community.

Redditor EricisEricButNotEric pointed out that the forklift in Halo Reach is actually fully submersible in water. While playing a custom game in Halo Reach, they’re blown into the water on Forge World. However, instead of immediately dying, they land on the bottom of the ocean, and are able to continue driving while submerged. It’s unclear exactly how this works, but some in the thread theorized that it’s a lack of kill barriers in this area causing the forklift to continue working. It’s certainly a strange issue, and if this is the solution then it’s possible that every other Halo Reach vehicle is fully submersible, too.

Apparently forklifts are submersible
by u/EricisEricButNotEric in halo

Due to the physics engine of games in the Halo series, vehicles have always been the subject of some wacky glitches over the years. There was even one Halo Infinite bug that allowed players to drive the Warthog while in the gunner seat, which just makes no sense at all. It can be frustrating at times for players to die to a physics glitch out of their control, but there’s something about Halo that makes it feel like an essential part of the experience. It just wouldn’t feel the same without it.

The Halo franchise has had a rough few years, after the launch of Halo Infinite didn’t exactly impress long-time fans of the series. For many, patience is wearing thin with developer 343 Industries, with the studio now working on Halo longer than the creator of the series, Bungie. Despite some fan anger, 343 Industries has continued to update Halo Infinite with new content, bringing it up to the standard expected at launch. There were rumors about the studio’s continued involvement with the franchise earlier in the year, but after some reshuffling of personnel at the developer, these rumblings have gone silent.

Halo Reach is currently available on Xbox 360 and via Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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