A Genshin Impact chart shows the overall banner revenue for the previous double banner that featured the Dendro user Baizhu and the Cryo bow character Ganyu. The game’s Limited Character Banner always features one or two five-star characters and three four-stars which are much easier to acquire.

Genshin Impact players can spend their Intertwined Fates in order to pull on these banners and get some of these characters. The second banner cycle for update 3.6 has included two new characters, Baizhu and Kaveh, both of whom are new Dendro characters who can play an important role in the recent storyline.

A Reddit user named That_Dude2000 has shared an interesting chart that shows the overall banner sales for the previous Limited Character Banner that included Baizhu and Ganyu as the five-stars. According to the chart, this double heavily underperformed, at least considering the fact included two new characters, one of whom has been rumored since the earliest Liyue quests. One of the reasons behind the low sales numbers could be the fact that previous banners have been stacked with powerful characters like Nahida, Yelan, Raiden Shogun, and Hu Tao. Another reason could be the release of HoYverse’s second most popular game, Honkai: Star Rail, which has a very similar gacha system to Genshin Impact.

Some comments have pointed out that, while they like Baizhu’s overall design and his unique story, they skipped pulling for him because he is a healer. The game’s main and sub-DPS characters, as well as offensive supports, are much more popular in the community at the moment. However, Genshin Impact’s recent Spiral Abyss reports have revealed that the majority of players that acquired Baizhu have used him on the hardest floors of this domain.

Baizhu’s greatest strength is the fact that he is the only five-star healer in Genshin Impact that uses the Dendro element. This allows players to organize their team compositions without worrying about the HP of their main DPS unit. Baizhu’s healing abilities are especially useful in teams that revolve around the Bloom elemental reaction which drops explosive Dendro cores that can deal damage to all the active characters.

The five-star Cryo bow user Ganyu was once considered as the strongest DPS character in Genshin Impact thanks to her special type of Charged Attack. In the current meta, players can use Ganyu whenever they need a powerful Cryo character in their party.

Genshin Impact is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile devices. A Switch version is in development.

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