Best Fortnite Betting Sites You Must Know About

How to Bet on a Fortnite and Win?


Fortnite is a young esports discipline that official bookmakers have slowly started adding to the line. This game is inferior in popularity to CS:GO and Dota 2, however, it has already managed to conquer gamers with interesting gameplay and ideas.

Gameplay and rules of the game

Fortnite is a battle royale where the gamer has to fight for resources, as well as build all kinds of structures for survival on the map. The participants of the battle (100 players) appear at the location and start searching for weapons and things. In parallel, they build shelters – forts, walls and stairs to more effectively resist opponents. As soon as the gamer is patched up, he needs to start killing other players. So that people do not stay in one place too long, a safe zone is selected every few minutes to which they need to get. Otherwise, you will start dying and lose. The winner is the one who stayed last on the island.

There are 4 types of characters available in Fortnite:



Fortnite Tournaments

Competitions are organized for two categories of gamers: amateurs fighting for cosmetic items, and professionals who perform in front of a large audience, receiving a monetary reward for the championships won.

Large-scale professional competitions:

  1. Dreamhack. The event was attended by more than 1 thousand people who competed for a prize pool of $ 250,000.
  2. Ninja Battles. The prize money of the championship was $ 500,000.
  3. Fortnite World Cup. An annual international competition with a record monetary reward of $ 30 million.
  4. Fortnite Champion Series Chapter.
  5. EU Encore.

Amateur Championships (in-game):

  1. The Tomato Pyramid Cup is a team competition held every week.
  2. The Sharp Keys Cup is a weekly competition for solo players.
  3. Friday in Fortnite is a Friday event for squads.
  4. Cammy Tournament – two gamers fight for unique equipment.
  5. Rating competition for teammates.

Betting on Fortnite: types and features

To date, bookmakers do not offer the widest line on this esports discipline. Betters can bet on:

Also, some bookmakers give the opportunity to bet on the winner of the tournament, who will be in the final and will take the TOP 2 or get into the top three.

Betting features:

Fortnite betting

Fortnite betting

What should I pay attention to when making a bet?

Before you start betting, you need to analyze several important factors:

  1. The prestige of the competition. If the battle takes place in the format of a show match, an esports player can afford not to play at full strength, but arriving at the World Cup to show completely different results.
  2. Map. Fortnite has a large number of locations that vary greatly, which is why some gamers may play worse or better.
  3. Game updates. Each time the developers add new characters, maps and change the mechanics to their brainchild.

fortnite bet

fortnite bet

Useful sites about Fortnite

The best Internet portals dedicated to the Fortnight category:

The best teams and players

TOP successful solo gamers and their winnings in monetary terms:

  1. Bugha – more than $ 3 million.
  2. psalm – $ 1,900,000.
  3. Aquav2 – 1 650 000$.
  4. Nyhrox – 1 500 000$.
  5. EpicWhale – 1 300 000$.

TOP teams and their earnings:

  1. Lazarus – 3 800 000$.
  2. Cooler Espots – 3 300 000$.
  3. Sentinels – 3 200 000$.
  4. 100 Thieves – 2 240 000$.
  5. FaZe Clan – 2 155 000$.

Choosing a bookmaker to bet on Fortnite

When choosing a bookmaker, you need to take into account a number of factors:

fortnite betting sites

fortnite betting sites

TOP bookmakers suitable for betting on Fortnite matches: