11 Most Easily Forgotten Quests In Elden Ring That Shouldn't Be Ignored

On November 16th, 2022, Andrew Scariati reported that you can miss a large number of quests in Elden Ring if you don’t explore the Lands Between thoroughly. As some of these missions demand you search for NPCs like Alexander, who are well-concealed, it might be difficult to finish them without any help. In addition, a recent data mine indicates that the game might get more quests in the future, so if you want to make sure you don’t miss out on the remarkable quests included in the original game, you should try a guide or use trial and error.

Elden Ring presented players with the expansive realm referred to as the Lands Between. It was a step up in terms of the Souls formula, introducing a number of new components, yet the fundamental elements that FromSoftware is known for keeping intact.

The game has a variety of friendly characters who have their own individual storylines and missions. Paying attention and performing these missions will often result in advantageous rewards and a lot of story-related information. Many of the top Elden Ring quests that can be missed are worth the effort, so don’t skip any of them!

On November 16th, 2022, Andrew Scariati reported that there are a lot of optional quests in Elden Ring that can be missed unless one is adventurous enough to explore the Lands Between thoroughly. A few of these missions are quite hard, so it may be helpful to utilize a guide if the player is having trouble. Data mining recently revealed the potential for even more quests being added, so it is advised to complete the existing ones in the main game before the new content is released.

Patches has come back to us.

Patches has been a constant presence in all of the Dark Souls and Bloodborne titles. He is a recurring figure, typically serving as an in-game prankster. In Elden Ring, you may find him in Murkwater Cave, where he will scold you for attempting to pilfer his possessions. This causes a boss battle to commence but, when you reduce his health to half, he will implore you to cease the conflict.

After you take a seat at a location of honor, he will become a shopkeeper in that area. He has some unique objects in his inventory and provides more conversation with the Non-Player Character. However, you can never really know if you can believe his words.

Yura is a person who is known for hunting down those who have committed bloody crimes.

Yura is an individual who is extremely well hidden and is on the hunt for members of the Bloody Finger. You’ll initially encounter him in the waterway that leads to Murkwater Cave, close to the middle of Limgrave. He will help you out in your battle against a Bloody Finger Nerijus, who appears in the river.

Yura’s narrative, which is comparable to the stories told by FromSoftware, isn’t the most exhilarating. People who aid Yura during his tour of the Lands Between will be rewarded for their contribution, however it is uncertain how he is connected to the Dragon Cult since he is apparently aware of it in great detail.

Irina and Edgar are a couple.

The Weeping Peninsula is a location in the game Elden Ring that can be easily overlooked. When you cross the Bridge of Sacrifice in the southeastern region of Limgrave, you will have the opportunity to explore this peninsula. When you arrive, you will come across a young lady called Irina. She will let you know that her castle was invaded by marauders and her father stayed to guard it.

Irina is requesting your help to deliver a note to her dad, Edgar, believing it will persuade him to go away. Although it is difficult to locate him, you can get through to him via a secret passage close to the second Site of Grace located in Castle Morne, the home of Irina and Edgar.

Nepheli, the Warrior who has been tarnished in some way

With regards to bypassable missions in Elden Ring, Nepheli Loux’s is one that you will want to carry out, since she is the most alike to you that you will discover in the Lands Between. She is a fellow Tarnished that you can initially meet just outside the Godrick the Grafted manager battle. She is a courageous fighter who shows her power by helping you defeat Godrick if you use her summon sign.

Nepehli’s journey is quite complicated, but if done properly, it will solve numerous tales of non-player characters, including Kenneth Haight and Fort Haight, Seluvis, and eventually, Gatekeeper Gostoc, who was seen stomping on the corpse of Godrick.

Alexander was a soldier who was renowned for his prowess in battle.

If you’re exploring the Lands Between, you’ll be rewarded if you stumble across Iron Fist Alexander, a gigantic container embedded in the earth at the Agheel Lake North Site of Grace. Make sure you meet Alexander at this starting point, and liberate him from the dirt before you move on with his mission; this step is not to be missed.

After beating Radahn, you will find Alexander near the Fire Giant and later in Crumbling Farum Azula. When you finish his extended mission, you will be rewarded with one of the strongest Talismans in Elden Ring, which increases ability damage by 15 percent.

Ranni’s Calling Bell was a device used to summon people.

During your journey in Elden Ring, Ranni’s storyline goes on for a long period, however, many players overlook their first meeting with her. Such initial contact is of great importance, as she provides you with the Spirit Bell that allows you to summon Spirit Ashes in combat. All you have to do is take a fast travel to the Church of Elleh Site of Grace in the evening, and you will find her waiting to have a dialogue.

Immediately upon arriving at the Gatefront Ruins Site of Grace, you will be presented with a mount named Torrent by a woman named Melina. Ranni, the character who gives the quest, is easy to spot, but the quest she gives is one of the most difficult to finish in Elden Ring, as it requires many steps and triggers to complete before the end of the game.

Offer Fia An Affectionate Embrace

During your visit to the Roundtable Hold, you may meet a female character who will request a hug in exchange for rewards and detriments. Similarly to other Non-Playable Characters in Elden Ring, she has her own mission which can be undertaken and fulfilled.

Her journey not only brings her various rewards, but it also features different non-playable characters, including Lionel, Ranni, Rogier, and D, Hunter of the Dead. Most of her quest requires her to converse with her associates after certain key events, and as the quest progresses, it alters the structure of the Roundtable Hold and opens up new rooms for the player.

Rya or Zoryas is the one who scouts ahead.

When it comes to the quests in Elden Ring that you can miss, it is understandable if you do not know how to do this one on your first time through the game. When you first meet Rya in Liurnia of The Lakes, she appears to be a dedicated scout for her master, although her posture is quite poor. Once you get back her necklace, she will become interested in you and request that you come to the Volcano Manor, eventually transporting you there.

When you interact with Rya at Volcano Manor and progress through the questline, her true identity as Zoryas is revealed. Even though this explains her peculiar posture, she is still puzzled by her origin. Aid her in discovering more information about her mom and who Zoryas is, however, be mentally ready for a roller coaster of emotions.

The aim of Roderika’s mission

You will come across a woman, Roderika, close to the Stormhill Shack who has a serious story to tell. She was scared of being turned into a horrible creature so she stayed in hiding. Later on, you will find her again around the fireplace of the Roundtable Hold. If you converse with her and Hewg, the blacksmith who lives in the Roundtable Hold, she will be able to enhance your Spirit Ashes and make them more efficient in the fight.

The reward for persuading both Hewg and Roderika that she can offer you some remarkable services for your journey is this. Roderika may go away or vanish for a brief period while the narrative is unfolding, but be observant as you keep going and she will be back soon.

The lineage of Millicent

It is very easy to overlook Millicent’s pleas for help, thinking that it is only a common occurrence in the Lands Between. However, if you take the time to come across Millicent around the Church of The Plague and inform a sorcerer named Gowry, you will be ready to finish this mission.

You will have to move between Gowry and Millicent, caring for her until she regains her health. Eventually, she will appear at some Locations of Grace and even offer you a hand after you outfit her with an uncommon tool: a new substitution arm. It is dependent upon you to make the correct decision regarding Millicent’s destiny as the two results of this mission offer various prizes.

Blaidd, the character with half wolf-like qualities.

You can encounter and converse with Blaidd, an amusing character, in the Mistwood Ruins east of Limgrave’s starting point. If you don’t have an understanding of what you’re doing, Blaidd is likely the most sought-after of the Elden Ring’s quests that can be overlooked. You should inquire about Blaidd to Kale, the seller at the Church of Elleh, after listening to his howling during your exploration of the Mistwood Ruins.

When you are in proximity to Blaidd, you will be able to use a particular gesture to summon him to the ground to converse with you. He has one of the most admired Elden Ring Non-playable Character (NPC) designs and his mission will illustrate and demonstrate the essence of Blaidd’s character, leaving you awe-struck by the time you complete the mission.

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