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How to Bet on a FIFA and Win?

FIFA is a soccer simulation game in which players compete against each other on a professional basis for the title of champion. The game allows you to hone your own soccer skills and surprise the audience, but in electronic format. As befits a discipline with a large number of spectators and fans, betting is accepted on FIFA.

There are many variations of cyber soccer, among which it is easy to confuse even an experienced bettor. There are two main types: FIFA as a cyber sport discipline and FIFA as a simulation (virtual soccer in fact). In the first variant, gamers and organizations compete against each other, just like in Dota2 or another cybersports discipline. In the second, virtual matches are played on the FIFA engine, and the bookmaker offers to place bets on the course of the matches.

Fifa esports

Fifa esports

FIFA as cyber football

It should be noted that with the appearance of FIFA in the line of bookmakers, there was a certain confusion in terminology. The term “cyber soccer” means a number of bookmakers simulation of FIFA (actually virtual soccer based on the game from EA Sports). And on other sites it already refers to cybersports competitions in FIFA/PES.

However, FIFA (in terms of simulation) and virtual soccer are not quite the same thing. Bookmakers usually add FIFA simulations to the main line. You can find them next to real soccer, tennis and so on. And virtual soccer from other developers (not EA Sports) is usually served as a separate product in a separate section.

There are many simulation programs that simulate soccer competitions. Examples are VFL, Betradar, LEAP. These resources independently develop their own electronic soccer federation simulators.

The key difference between this software and FIFA 20 is a different software shell. In general, the rules are similar (because everything comes from soccer). Games in these simulations are fast enough, the graphics are much more primitive, there are no special modes as in FIFA (3×3, 4×4, Penalty Shootout), but there is a tournament structure.

In addition to developers of separate software, there is also eFootball PES – a separate virtual soccer simulator from the famous developer Konami, on which you can also bet.

Some bookmakers (even experienced) poorly developed their own sections that deal with virtual soccer. For example, PES simulator games in Fonbet are in the FIFA section, which can confuse the bettor.

Important: do not confuse FIFA 20 and other simulations. Some betting companies put other simulations in a separate section (cyber soccer), which has nothing to do with FIFA from EA Sports.

Bets on penalties

A special mode deserves special attention – penalty kicks. Players are given the opportunity to concentrate on only one soccer moment – a series of penalty kicks. Penalty kick simulator is a separate discipline, on which you can also bet. An example of a program that is often seen in bookmakers is Penalty Kicks, which is supported by a large organization inBet. But it is presented as a separate product altogether.

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It is also possible to bet on 11-meter strikes (penalties) in FIFA. They are much more interesting for the betting lovers because the spot kicks are performed by “models” of real players. You can find a similar mode in the illegal office GGbet. As well as matches of non-standard formats: 3×3, 4×4.

Virtual simulator based on the EA Sports engine is specifically tailored for in-play. There is rarely a tournament structure, cups and tables, which is typical for virtual soccer from other manufacturers. The organization simply runs a broadcast on which you can bet.

FIFA from EA Sports is more accessible and open to the viewer, because you can see the ratings of players, teams, and even play the simulator yourself. Whereas virtual soccer from other manufacturers is “closed” for “feel” testing. Plus, such programs run on algorithms, and in a particular match it’s hard to know who the favorite is. The only reference point is the odds displayed.

What can I bet on in cyber soccer from FIFA?

The classic types of bets in virtual soccer are the outcome, total and handicap. It is extremely rare to find other types. But when it comes to cyber soccer FIFA, the choice is much richer: who will score first, the next goal, individual total, time/match, the time of the first goal, the exact score, the exact number of goals scored and so on. There can even be 100 betting options in the lineup.

Cyber Football Strategies

In contrast to cybersport, regular virtual soccer (that is, simulation) is largely subject to the principles of slot machines. In cyber soccer is not the skill of a single player, but artificial intelligence. Nevertheless, many bettors are trying to find recipes for betting on such sporting events. Below we look at the strategies that are suitable specifically for simulations on the engine from EA Sports.

fifa winning strategyfifa winning strategy

Werth Strategy

Werth’s strategy for FIFA was sold by the author for a while for a decent amount of money. Although there’s no revelation in it. The bottom line: bet on TB in play at increasing odds. Here’s what the author suggests:

There was also an alternative: if in the first 25 minutes the score was 2:1 or 1:2, then by all means load on the TB 5.5.

Falling Favourites Strategy

Can be applied to both FIFA and third-party virtual soccer. The essence: to wait for a situation where the clear favorite (odds to win the match before 1.5 or lower) misses the first 30 minutes. And then load on his victory.

This option is even more interesting for a penalty shootout. It is necessary that the initial favorite misses the first kick. As soon as that happens – bet on his overall victory.

The strategy “both score – no.”
The strategy was originally developed for the Europa League in FIFA17. Through research, one player determined that in this particular tournament it was profitable to bet on “both to score – no”. He made a total of 72 bets, using the standard flat (5% of the bank). As a result, he managed to increase the pot more than 8 times. It was achieved due to high odds on the outcome.

It is highly probable that there are similar “holes” in the current simulations, which concern overstated odds on total more and high results.

EA Sports’ FIFA 2022 is the most popular soccer simulation game in the world with the most developed cybersports culture. This game is well developed both in terms of mechanics, tournaments and other organizational aspects. The developer officially has a partnership with most of the soccer clubs – the game has the names and symbols of the real teams. Many professional clubs even have their own cybersports units in FIFA 22 (examples – Manchester United, Real Madrid, PSG), that represent organizations on the international scene.

FIFA 20 is actively developing as a cybersports discipline. The game’s developer supports official competitions that take place as part of the FIFA 22 Global Series. An experienced player with enough points can take part in qualification tournaments.

Game rules

Gameplay is just like classic soccer – most of the traditional rules that are used in real life are implemented. The rules are known to everyone:

Important: FIFA 20 in cybersport is a simulation, but not a simulation. The teams don’t play by themselves – they are controlled by real performers. This is one of the key differences from the rest of virtual soccer.
Before the start of the match, the player chooses the team he will play for on the field. The main format of cybersport competitions is the playoffs, that is the elimination game. As in real soccer, the winner will be determined by a goal or penalty shootout.

Players who want to play FIFA 22 on a professional basis must register as a FUT Champions player. Registered status allows you to participate in open qualifiers and earn points for playoff access.

What tournaments are betting on FIFA?

On the electronic simulator FIFA regularly held cybersports tournaments of various scales. Examples of official championships from the developer:

These championships are regularly covered by bookmakers. In addition to these major tournaments, FIFA has strongly developed professional and regional clubs. An iconic event is the FIFA eSports Battle, which is held with the participation of national teams.

Betting on FIFA as a cybersports tournaments

Betting on FIFA as a cybersports tournaments

Important: some betting companies, in addition to providing the opportunity to bet on FIFA 20, conduct competitions themselves. The so-called internal leagues of bookmakers are a unique opportunity for both spectators and players. Examples of organizations that organize charity competitions are Parimatch and Liga Bet.

What can I bet on in FIFA 22?

Despite the fact that FIFA is a cybersports discipline, it is possible to place bets similar to soccer. Let’s break down the most popular types of bets.

Important: the soccer team is managed by the player, but many BKs often have information about the teams in the rosters (for example, Bayern vs Real Madrid).

Betting fifa gamesBetting fifa games


Outcome is an opportunity to determine the result of a meeting between two players. This is a classic line, which is available in all BKs. The spectator can bet both on the victory of a particular team (player), and on a draw. Some BCs offer an unusual prediction – to predict that there will be a winner and not a draw. The following factors influence the outcome:

Important: the game characters have different form. As in real soccer, the performer can get tired (low “stamina”) and “misfire” on the field. In FIFA before each match the stats of the two opponents are displayed. Pay attention to the numerical indicators.


The total is the total number of goals per match. If the bank offers, for example, the total of 2.5, it means that the bettor agrees on the total number of goals not more than 2 per match. The total is strongly influenced by the performer rating. Top players, as a rule, have a large number of goals.


A handicap is the difference in advantage between the teams. Specifically in FIFA, a handicap is expressed as the difference in the number of goals scored. The success of this type of betting depends on the rating and form of the performer. Especially pronounced handicap manifests itself in unequal encounters. The favorite against the outsider can provide a big handicap.

Card Total

It is possible to bet on the total number of cards. The total number of cards is strongly influenced by the individual characteristics of the squad, which the player chose. If aggressive characters are involved in the game, the probability of a large number of cards is high (the character will “hit” the judge, argue with the opponent, and so on). The aggressive style is extremely popular during a clear loss (the performer seeks to even the score).

Presence or absence of penalties

You can bet in FIFA 20 on whether the penalty shootout will take place. The fact of the penalty is strongly influenced by the statistics of personal meetings between players. If the performers are “equal” in skill, the chance of a penalty shootout is greater than if the encounter is unbalanced.

FIFA 22 betting strategies

FIFA 22 is full of different strategies. Some of them are directly derived from classic soccer. Let’s look at the most working options.

fifa betting strategies

fifa betting strategies

Formation of the team

The formation scheme the player chooses matters. A good strategy for FIFA betting: If one team’s initial formation is concentrated in the center (the middle of the field is very defensive) with only one defender on each side, the “reflective” formation (strong wings and a weak center) may be advantageous. Pay attention to the specific formations of particular professional players. Some formations in head-to-head encounters can affect the outcome of the competition.


Playmanship is one of the key parameters in FIFA 22. The developer has carefully redesigned the performance of both the playing characters and the team as a whole. Overall chemistry is composed of two components: individual and team. Each viewer has the opportunity to analyze and calculate the “chemistry effect”, If the percentage is greater than 50%, then the team will be successful on the field. By comparing the numerical indicators of the two teams, you can determine who will be more effective in the match.

The subtlety of this strategy is that the skills of the cyberplayers are ignored. This scheme is advantageous to use in cases where two equal in skill performers have met.

Player Skill

The player manages the team and determines its composition. FIFA 22 has an analogue of the ranking table. Each professional cyber athlete has a certain number of points he or she accumulates over the course of the season. Bet on the top of the rankings – top performers are even supported by professional clubs.

Top 5 Betting Sites on FIFA

When it comes to betting in the world of football, there are many different types of sportsbooks you can choose from. Some sites might offer better odds than others, and some may be more trustworthy than others. !


GGbet is one of the leading online betting sites that offer great odds and a huge variety of markets. They have a great betting platform with a wide range of features, including live streaming, news and tips. They also offer some nice sign up bonuses to new players who want to try their services.


Thunderpick is an esportsbook and casino, but it also offers betting on a range of other sports, including football. Thunderpick has a wide range of esports available for betting and a particularly good range of football markets.

If you’re interested in trying out some new esports games or just want to bet on your favourite team or player playing in the World Cup, Thunderpick will have what you need.


Betway is one of the largest online sportsbooks in the world. They have been around for almost 30 years and have grown to become a household name among sports bettors.

Betway offers a wide range of sports to bet on. You can find odds for almost any major league, including leagues in Europe and South America as well as Australia’s A-League and Major League Soccer (MLS).

Deposit options at Betway include: Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, Paypal, Paysafecard and many others.


Cyberbet is one of the best sportsbooks for football betting. It’s secure, has live betting and its odds are among the best in the industry. They also have fast payment processing, high limits and great support.


There are a lot of reasons to get into esports, and Pinnacle is here to make sure that you have the best possible gaming experience. Whether it’s for betting or for casual play, Pinnacle offers competitive odds on all major esports events throughout the year.

In addition to their esports offerings, Pinnacle also covers traditional sports like soccer (football), tennis, golf and basketball in multiple ways—including live streaming options where you can watch games as they’re happening!

Pinnacle offers customers support through live chat or email during its business hours: Monday through Friday from 6 am ET until midnight ET.

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