Esports betting with Crypto

This section shows betting shops where you can bet in crypto. Cryptocurrency has gained enormous popularity in the world in recent years. Betting companies have picked up this trend and started offering deposits and withdrawals in the main electronic currency crypto. This method is popular in esports legal betting companies in USA.

How the rating was compiled

Rating of betting shops that accept bets in crypto, was compiled on the basis of a number of criteria. Full information in our special material. If we consider in brief, several main indicators can be highlighted.

This includes the following sub-items: payout terms, limits, reduction of maximums, confiscation of the balance, bonuses, increase in the time of betting in play, margin indicator, blocking the balance in the account, confiscation of winnings, sources of replenishment and so on.

Best esports betting companies that accept Crypto

There are no official betting shops that accept crypto in the USA. But Esports betting with the help of cryptocurrency can be done in foreign companies, including well-known ones.

Top 5 according:

In our rating there are only twelve Esports betting companies with a score of 4, where you can bet in cryptocurrency. In many offices, not only crypto is available, but also other currencies: litecoin, ethereum, dogecoin, TRON and others, there can be up to forty of them.

Advantages and disadvantages of recharging your account in crypto

In this section we will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of crypto depositing.

Pros of:


Payment methods and convenience depend on the office that supports the cryptocurrency. Some providers will conduct the transaction and credit immediately, others in a few minutes. Choose the most convenient for you, according to our rating and criteria. Or you can follow your personal preferences.

One of the disadvantages is the impossibility of depositing in bookmaker offices, which are legal on the territory of the Russian Federation. The main difficulty is always the translation from currency to crypto and back, here also be careful not to get caught on fraudulent exchangers.

The most popular cryptocurrencies for eSports betting


Can I link my crypto wallet to my esports betting site?

Yes, if you recharge your account once from your crypto purse you will be able to use only your crypto purse later. You will need to contact the support department of the specific bookmaker to change the currency rate.

What is the exchange rate of the bookmaker’s account?

Bookmakers who accept crypto may use different rates. It all depends on the particular company and the source of information on the current exchange rate. Check with support or read the rules.

Is it safe to use crypto when depositing in a betting shop?

It is safe, if you do not give your crypto wallet password to any third party. This is often used by clone sites. How to distinguish an official site from a fraudulent one, read here.