Elden Ring: How to Use Two-Handed and Powerstance Weapons

If you’re a pro of FromSoftware’s previous games, there are a number of assumptions you might have for Elden Ring’s combat system. Among these assumptions is most likely the ability to transform into a two-handed tool stance to deal more damage – a staple of other titles in the designer’s pedigree such as Dark Souls 2, Dark Hearts 3 and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. If you’re expecting in terms of this title from those other video games to be able to make tools with two hands, then fret not: you definitely can.

Another appreciated feature of these games is the power position : the art of wielding 2 weapons of the same type twice. This is an additional auto mechanic that goes back to the Elden Ring and allows players to maximise damage at the cost of protection or wheelchair.

The way you switch from a one-handed grip to a two-handed grip in Elden Ring is slightly different from several other FromSoftware titles , but it’s still pretty simple.

In previous games, you had the option of holding the triangle or Y switch with a tool that can be switched to two-handed mode. In Elden Ring, you have to press an additional button while holding down the triangle button – the L 1 or R1 (LB or RB for Xbox users) shoulder buttons to specifically operate the left or corresponding tool with two hands.

how to Use Two-Handed Weapons

This impact can be put on anything you can equip to the left or best port of swords to teams and even shields , but it is most likely to be most useful with melee weapons as a general scheme, with an additional amount of damage.

Two handed weapons Increases the amount of damage that can be dealt by both light and heavy attacks. It is a wonderful way to optimise damage during important employer encounters. Regrettably, two-handing additionally leaves you open to attacks when you ‘d usually use a guard in one of your weapon openings, so make sure you only use it when the occasion is perfect to avoid being decimated by enemies.

The power position is the term in Elden Ring for accessing additional displacements when using two wields . To achieve this, all you need to do is equip 2 weapons of the same type (the weapons are already sorted by key in your stash).

Your powerstance combo moves now come by using the left shoulder button . This gives you access to a unique move set depending on which tool type you have equipped. For example, the power position relocation sets for claws and blades are particularly efficient for dexterity builds.

Elden ring Two-Handed Weapon

On a related note, any 2 tools of the same type can be used twice to offer a power stance move set, so don’t hesitate to get innovative scythes, whips or greatswords and use them twice as well.

As with wielding a weapon with two hands, the biggest disadvantage of the Power Stance is the lack of protection and parrying options, which provides good cover. . Nevertheless, it is a great way to deal more damage with fast weapons.



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