Elden Ring: Fighting Basics, Tips And Tricks

Elden Ring is one of the biggest RPGs to come out this year, combining the traditional Soulsborne formula with a huge open world. Checking the Lands In Between will be crucial to your success, but understanding how to eliminate is just as crucial.

If you’re a newcomer to From Software titles, you may be shocked at how difficult Elden Ring can be. The good news is that mastering this learning process has never been easier. This review will certainly give beginners some key ideas for combat, showing exactly how to properly anticipate and counter, how to power stance, how to use the Ashes of War, and some general tips that will make playing through much less difficult.

Fundamentals of Comba


Soulsborne experts can move on to the next section.

Player resources

Your character has three important stats in Elden Ring:

Soulsborne video games are all about source management, and Elden Ring is no different. To master Elden Ring’s combat, you need to use your stamina intelligently while avoiding enemy attacks. Healing is limited in these video games, so avoiding or mitigating damage is important. If you play this game like any other RPG, you will most likely have a bad time.

Your HP as well as FP do not recover passively by default, which is why the video game gives you Crimson Rip and also Cerulean Tear bottles. These are tasty things that replenish your HP as well as FP, and both renew when you rest in a place of elegance. Places of Elegance are beautiful hearths scattered around the world.

Attack and protect



We assume that you are using a controller. If you use both keyboard and mouse, we strongly recommend that you get a controller for Elden Ring. M&K is not a great input device for Soulsborne titles.

In Elden Ring, you control your character’s hands with your bumper and trigger inputs. This can take some getting used to, but after a few hours of play it becomes a habit. Below are some of the most important key combinations to memorise. You can change these key combinations at any time via the selection menu.

You will spend your entire playthrough using your shock absorbers, activations and also the dodge switch. The basic gameplay of Soulsborne is to dodge or block incoming attacks before punishing the target with a few swings of your full tool, managing their stamina. You never want your stamina to drop to an absolute minimum, so be careful not to overdo the dodge switch and attack inputs. Combat in Elden Ring is a dance between you and your challenger. If you miss your line-up, it’s a quick death.

All personalities in Elden Ring, both you and your opponents, have an additional mechanic called balance. This is successfully an invisible stance gauge that causes the target to be startled when this gauge breaks. You can decrease a target’s grace by continuously dealing damage to them, with harder hitting tools usually dealing more grace damage. You can increase your stance by using a strong shield. If you use large tools such as greatswords, you also gain hyper armour, which allows you to absorb enemy attacks without being staggered. Hyper armour and grace do not reduce the incoming damage; they only affect the incoming stagger.


When you die in Elden Ring, you do not return to a previous save state. Rather, players awaken in the next Temple of Serenity or Danger of Makira without their runes – the currency of Elden Ring. To redeem your runes, you must reach the place where you died and retrieve them. If you die before reaching your previous location, your runes will be lost forever. This is why it is so important to use your healing flasks and avoid damage whenever possible. Elden Ring’s enemies strike fast and hard and will not give up until you are nothing but a remnant. Do not be irritated when you die. Death is an essential part of the Soulsborne style.

If you rest at a Shrine of Elegance, you will regain all your Source and Vial costs, but this will also revive all enemies near you (killed Managers and other critical enemies excepted).

Understanding the Dodge Role

Understanding the Dodge Role

Your most effective tool is neither a tool nor a spell. It is your dodge. Dodge rolls include an invulnerability period, referred to by the community as “iFrames”. About halfway through your throw animation, you have a really short period of invulnerability where all incoming attacks pass through you. Learning this iFrame window takes a bit of trial and error if you’re new to the subgenre, but there are plenty of enemies in the landscape to test your dodge against.

Mastering this input is crucial to playing aggressively and surviving unsafe attacks from Elden Ring’s multitude of managers. Do not hesitate, no matter how big or fearsome the opponent. Staying close to opponents and dodging their blows is the best way to survive in Soulsborne titles.

Remember that your dodging is affected by your equipment. Keep your equipment loadout below 70 percent to have a fast roll animation. Having equipment up tons over 70 percent will certainly cause you to “roll fat”, offers much less iFrames and also a much longer computer animation. Need to your equipment much more than a hundred percent, you will not be able to roll at all. Unless you are playing a development with an extremely large shield, this is a terrible suggestion that will eliminate you. Evasive manoeuvres are even more important than your equipped shield.

Anticipate and also counterattack

elden ring counterattacks

If you are tired of staggering on the ground and also intend to do some serious damage, you can try to parry your opponent with a shield or counterattack. Shields in Elden Ring can take damage with barriers, but they can also act as an attack device.

If you block an attack and immediately attack again, this will certainly trigger a counterattack, a quick strike that deals heavy damage. If that is not enough, you can also use a small or medium cover to anticipate incoming attacks. If you anticipate an attack before it hits you, the opponent will be caught off guard briefly and can land an important hit that does great damage. Just like dodging, parrying is all about anticipating your opponent’s window. Remember that not every attack can be anticipated , but many humanoid opponents have attacks that you can parry. We recommend practising your parrying skills against the Crucible Knight employer in Limgrave.

Powerstancing weapons

elden ring powerstancing weapons

Power Standing is back from Dark Souls 2, this time simplified and without the 1.5 x stat demand. Wielding two weapons of the same key in each hand opens up a new moveset called power standing. You swing both weapons together, deal two hits of damage with most swings, and it looks nifty.

Unlike Dark Spirits 2, you cannot use 2 different types of tools together; the tools must belong to the same family (sword, katana, claw, etc.). Using the power stance mechanic also suggests that you don’t have a shield to deflect attacks, so be comfortable and dodge blows if you want to play this way.

The dust of battle

elden ring - the dust of battle

Coals of War are products that you can infuse directly into your tools to give them powerful tool art (activated by pressing the left trigger) and also the ability to change the damage scaling of your tool. These attacks will cost you a few FP but provide a lot of utility and damage. We have an Ashes of War guide that goes into much more detail on how these mechanics work, but make sure you use your Ashes of War as often as possible.


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