The continuation to Destiny 2: Lightfall’s infamously inexplicable narrative has now been released as part of the Season of the Deep, but those who’ve eagerly been awaiting its launch are disappointed to discover that the quest cannot currently be completed.

After Destiny 2: Lightfall failed to explain one of its most important plot elements, the infamous Veil artifact, players asked Bungie for a way to discover what that’s all about. Just a few weeks later, the developers announced that the quest would continue over the course of Lightfall’s seasonal content, the first part of which is now available.

Naturally, lore buffs jumped into Destiny 2’s promised Veil questline immediately upon release, only to discover that just a small portion of the full quest is actually available. It turns out that Bungie has decided to put the quest’s progression steps into a weekly lockout, even though it’s technically not supposed to be a part of the seasonal content, but a continuation of Lightfall’s main narrative. While it’s not wholly unprecedented that Bungie would stagger a quest over several weeks, this information wasn’t communicated ahead of time and soured the experience for some players.

As it currently stands, players are not much closer to discovering the truth behind the Veil than they were when Lightfall first came out. Destiny’s lore buffs tried figuring the Veil out, but these are merely uncorroborated theories until Bungie itself decides to chime in. The good news, though, is that the potential for big, meaningful reveals is certainly there, and it’s possible that some of its bits and pieces might tie into the Season of the Deep in some capacity.

One thing that the community managed to discover without any doubt about its veracity is that the concept of the Veil comes from a 17th-century philosopher, Jakob Bohme. With that in mind, those who just can’t wait to see what Bungie unravels over the next couple of weeks should read up on Bohme and his unique take on understanding the universe itself.

There’s other good news, too. Namely, Destiny 2: Lightfall’s heavily marketed hand cannon is finally available for players to earn, and simply completing the first step of the questline will unlock the powerful weapon as a guaranteed drop. There was a full set of these “feather” weapons featured in the promo materials, though Bungie may have replaced them with a retextured set of Shadowkeep’s Moon-themed weaponry sometime ahead of Lightfall’s release.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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