Destiny 2 Shares Important Message About Defiant Engrams Before Season 20 Ends

Bungie released a statement about the status of Destiny 2’s Defiant Engrams before the start of Season 21. Defiant Engrams were introduced in Destiny 2’s Season 20 entitled Season of Defiance. These were a new and valuable type of engram that could be earned by completing several different in-game activities, and could then be used by players to acquire various rewards throughout the season.

Among the aforementioned rewards, Defiant Engrams could be used to purchase Destiny 2’s best weapons from Season of Defiance. While players may need to grind this season to be able to claim these items, there are actually three ways to gain access to them. The first is by completing Defiant Battlegrounds. The second method is by increasing the War Table reputation. The best way would be the third one wherein Defiant Engrams can be focused at the H.E.L.M. War Table for weapons or armor. However, with Season 20 nearing its end, most fans are wondering if the aptly titled Engrams would disappear after.

According to a Bungie representative from its forums, War Table Engrams will not be disappearing once Destiny 2‘s season ends. While gamers were originally confused by the current “This Week at Bungie” announcement stating that Tower and H.E.L.M. vendors will be reset once Season 21 launches, Bungie’s forums seem to confirm that they will still be available. Many players had suggested that an official announcement be made via Twitter or elsewhere since it was implied that not everybody reads the forums. Nonetheless, this means good news for fans who have invested their engrams and have not yet received their desired weapons and armors.

As Destiny 2’s Season of Defiance reaches its end, fans have shared mixed opinions on how the season turned out. Many fans were disappointed that it felt like filler content, especially with how they felt the final mission missed the mark. Regardless, the fanfare for the seasonal rewards and offerings such as the weapons and armors was the saving grace to most players. This is also why the concern for the engrams is at a high point of discussion.Destiny 2’s Season 21 Season of the Deep will be going live on May 23, 2023, and with it will come new rewards as well. Players will be expected to grind yet again to be able to receive the upcoming weapons and armors that come with each season. The remaining Defiant Engrams won’t be able to purchase rewards for the new season, with gamers expected to earn a new variety of Engrams for use with Season of the Deep. However, the news that the Defiant ones will still remain is good news for those looking to start the new season while bringing over the previous’ rewards.

Destiny 2 is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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