Clever Elden Ring Trick Makes Night's Cavalry Boss Incredibly Easy

A clever Elden Ring trick makes defeating the Night’s Cavalry boss way easier. Gamers will face off against many bosses and mini-bosses throughout their playthroughs of Elden Ring, and users can even die to the standard enemies in the game.

Fans may come across a bunch of Night’s Cavalry bosses throughout Elden Ring, and as their name suggests, they only appear when it’s nighttime in the game. While they probably aren’t as challenging as the major bosses, users can still die to these enemies, especially if they encounter one early on in the playthrough. Now, one fan has shared a neat trick that may help some gamers in defeating these Night’s Cavalry bosses.

A Reddit user named IronArtorias has shared a clip from Elden Ring of their encounter with a Night’s Cavalry in the region of Caelid. As seen in the video, the player is moving on horseback on a small surface on the side of a bridge, and one attack is enough to capture the enemy’s attention. The boss tries to hit the player a few different times without any success, before trying to get closer to IronArtorias. The Night’s Cavalry boss overshoots the jump and falls to the area below, as IronArtorias patiently waits for a confirmation of the opponent’s defeat.

Still Seeing Bizarre New Things, this time it goes to the Night Calvary in Caelid on the Bridge
by u/IronArtorias in Eldenring

However, it looks like the player encounters an issue of some sort, as the Night’s Cavalry spawns on the bridge as if nothing happened. IronArtorias once again uses an attack to get its attention, and the boss jumps off the bridge straight away, falling to its death. IronArtorias gets awarded with the Bloodhound’s Step skill in Elden Ring for their efforts, with this video proving that the Night’s Cavalry boss can get fooled twice if players are unable to beat it when first trying this method.

Many users in the comments section discuss how the Night’s Cavalry boss jumped off the bridge the second time without any hesitation, as opposed to first trying to attack the player. Some gamers also talk about how the Night’s Cavalry got fooled twice with the same tactic, while others thought that this strategy was already patched in an Elden Ring update.

It looks like fans having trouble against the Night’s Cavalry boss in Elden Ring can try out this trick to beat it, while other enemies in the game can also be killed by shoving them off cliffs. One user even managed to parry a Crucible Knight off a cliff in Elden Ring, so it looks like no enemy or player is safe from this tactic.

Elden Ring is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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