Clever Change Makes the Hogwarts Legacy Opening Even Better

A gamer online has made a small change to the intro of Hogwarts Legacy, improving it with a massive nostalgia hit. Unfortunately, this isn’t an official Hogwarts Legacy mod, but it would surely improve the game if it was.

This clip shows that while the game is great, it can definitely be better. Fans have plenty of suggestions for how the game could be improved, with Hogwarts Legacy fans claiming that one missing feature is “almost criminal.” To most, Avalanche Software hit it out of the park with Hogwarts Legacy, but it will interesting to see if the developer takes any fan feedback onboard for any future updates to the game. The change made in this clip would certainly be a great place to start.

The change to the intro was made by Redditor CIassicNegan, and it’s deceptively simple. All they do is put the original Harry Potter theme over the intro of Hogwarts Legacy. It’s an instant hit of nostalgia, and it fits everything about it perfectly. It certainly makes a lot of sense, but even the timing of Hogwarts Legacy’s intro as it moves through the school grounds is just pitch-perfect. The music in the original game certainly evokes a strong feeling of the Harry Potter franchise, but hearing the original just feels right.

Put Harry Potter music over the intro.
by u/CIassicNegan in HarryPotterGame

The verdict in the thread was unanimous with adoration. One user even claimed to have teared up due to the intro. It goes to show exactly why Harry Potter fans are some of the most dedicated and creative in the world. There was one Hogwarts Legacy fan who spent 40 hours painting the entirety of Hogwarts, and that’s just one of many remarkable fan creations that have emerged since the game was first released. There is something about the Wizarding World that keeps people coming back for more, no matter how long it has been out of the public eye.

The recent release of Hogwarts Legacy on previous-gen consoles showed that the original release of the game was no fluke. Both releases were massive financial successes for Warner Bros. Games, reiterating the fact that despite plenty of controversies, audience desire for the Wizarding World remains alive and well. It remains to be seen whether the game continues to receive new content in the form of DLC, although nothing is announced yet. With the upcoming Harry Potter reboot on HBO, it’s a great time to be a fan of the franchise.

Hogwarts Legacy is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X with a Nintendo Switch version coming November 14.

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