Best Call of Duty Betting Sites You Must Know About

How to place bets on Call of Duty?


The Call of Duty series of computer games is one of the most popular in the world. This is reflected in esports as well. Professional competitions in this discipline have been held for more than 7 years. Bookmakers allow you to bet on them. Therefore, it would be useful to consider what kind of a series of games it is in general, what tournaments are held in it and, most importantly, how to bet on them in such a way as to win.

Basic information

In each game from the Call of Duty series, the player will have to take part in one of the wars of the past or the future. These may be hypothetical military actions or very real events. For example, in the first and second parts, as well as in World at War and World War II, we are talking about World War II. In Modern warfare, the events of the past intersect with a hypothetical Third World War, in which the United States and Russia, as well as their allies, are involved.

The greatest resonance was caused by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, released in 2019. There we are talking about modern military operations in Syria, Ukraine, as well as the events of the past in Iraq. Most of the participants are named differently, for example, instead of Al-Qaeda, Al-Katala is present in the game, instead of DNR and LNR – Kastovia. But this did not affect Russia in any way. The player will have to confront the Russian Armed Forces under the command of General Barkov. Accordingly, in the modern war, you can see all the atrocities that the world community attributes to Russia, such as chemical attacks on Syrian cities. Because of this, the game is officially banned in Russia.

But esports tournaments don’t play out the storyline. It uses a multi-user mode. Players find themselves on two sides of the barricades on one of the ready-made maps. Their task is to kill all rivals (a deadly duel), capture their base, defuse the bomb, and so on. However, the sides of the conflict in the game are the same as in the storyline. That is, in Modern Warfare 2019 you will have to play for the Russian Federation or the USA.
Sometimes in tournaments, zombie mode is used as entertainment. This is a real “feature” of cod. The task there is very simple – to kill as many opponents as possible, who turned into zombies after death. Thus, the players compete in who will kill more of these rivals. But very rarely they do it for money and prizes. Usually at major tournaments they play in full multiplayer mode.

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Line and painting of bets on CoD

The line on Call of Duty is more than wide. In those bookmakers where bets are placed on this game, you can bet on all tournaments with a visual peak of more than 1 thousand. In other words, if the competition is known to at least a small number of people, the BC will give it a line.

Hint! The most bets on esports, in particular on Call of Duty, are given by such bookmakers: 1xStavka, GGbet, VulkanBet, sometimes the Betting League, Fonbet and other legal betting companies of Russia. In other companies, there may not be a bet on this discipline.

In the painting there are bets on victory, an accurate score, a handicap on the cards, as well as the outcome of the battle on each card. Foreign (illegal in Russia) offices also allow you to bet on the confrontation of pairs of players, the total of murders and deaths of an individual player. This is the widest version of the painting, most often it has only the main outcome and nothing else. In live, administrators can add bets on the winner of this and the next round. But in general, the painting does not change, the coefficients may rise or fall depending on the course of the match.

Painting on CoD

Very rarely long-term bets on esports are given. That is, you can bet on who will win this or that CoD tournament. Usually such bets concern the CoD – Call of Duty Championship. Unfortunately, bookmakers do not give other bets, including long-term ones. But this is a pretty good option.

How to bet?

Esports are usually put on the website, although you can use the classic option and put it in the club or by phone. But, to be honest, it is difficult to imagine a person who would bet on Call of Duty, but at the same time could not master working with the bookmaker’s website. Therefore, we will consider the procedure for making a bet on the website. For example, let’s take GGbet BC, one of the most popular for those who bet on esports:

⦁ First you need to register and log in to your account, as well as top up your account. To do this, there are corresponding buttons at the top right. How this is done for GGbet is given here. In other BC, the procedure is almost the same.

Next, on the panel on the left, you need to select the discipline we need, that is, “Call of Duty”.

⦁ A list of tournaments available for betting will open below on the same panel on the left. And in the center you will see a list of matches. Choose a tournament and a match using these elements.

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How to make predictions?

The basic principles of making forecasts for esports are described in this article. The same factors apply here – previous performances, taking into account their significance, teamwork, as well as cards in the future competition (how well the team or player performs on these cards). Unfortunately, CoD is not very popular among fans of betting and statistics, so there is very little information about tournaments, the composition of teams and other information necessary to predict future matches. Therefore, you will have to read the news on different sites about the past competitions.

The main site with more or less normal data about Call of Duty tournaments is . There you can find good information about the composition of the tournaments, each team and its participants. For example, at the time of writing, Call of Duty League 2020 is taking place. On the tournament page, you can see the format, dates, prize pool, streaming services, standings and links to team pages. At the top right there is a search box that allows you to find information about an athlete, team or competition. There is also a list of upcoming matches. You just need to know English.

Betting strategies

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Unfortunately, due to the very limited painting, it is difficult to identify any full-fledged betting strategies on Call of Duty. The betterer needs to make high-quality predictions using the information provided above and bet on the winner. If one team is stronger than the other, you can bet on its victory on the first card.

If you are well versed in Call of Duty, you may well try to bet on esports tournaments for this game. They are held all year round and have considerable popularity. There are bets in bookmakers, and on the English-language Internet you can find news, team lineups and information about the previous performances of each gamer. In general, you have everything you need to bet on Call of Duty and win!