Brutal Reaper Fail Makes Overwatch 2 Player Uninstall The Game

The hectic and fast-paced nature of Overwatch 2 often makes matches stressful toward the end, and one unfortunate clip demonstrates perfectly why victories should never be celebrated until they’ve been achieved. The total number of playable heroes in Overwatch 2 has reached 37 with the arrival of Lifeweaver, and though keeping them adequately balanced often seems to pose a challenge to the game’s developers, the sheer number of unique abilities allows for a wide range of versatility in combat.

Even for a multiplayer hero-based shooter game, Overwatch 2 is quite a challenging game for players who are picking it up for the first time. The intricacy of each hero and the way every character plays off of each other gives first-timers a lot to learn, so it’s only natural for players to embarrass themselves every now and then due to a misunderstanding of the game’s mechanics, or even because of downright underestimation of other hero’s powers. The multiplayer and communication aspects also provide their own lessons for novice players, with the game’s competitive mode testing the limits of players’ skills.

Still, it can be easy to get frustrated by making mistakes in Overwatch 2, especially when seemingly small ones quickly lead to a defeat screen. This is the case for a very unfortunate Reaper player known as Chopper_Cabras on Reddit, who shared a clip of one such costly mistake that quickly gained the attention of many fans. The video shows the player scoring a team kill with their teammates on King’s Row right as the payload approaches the finish line, leaving them so sure of victory that they emote while pushing the cart over the last few meters. This quickly proved to be a mistake however, as the enemy team’s Wrecking Ball managed to respawn and roll out fast enough to knock them off of the map, resulting in an overtime defeat.

I uninstalled the game, i gave up mentally, physically and emotionally, im done.
by u/Chopper_Cabras in OWConsole

This certainly shows the problem with celebrating too early, though the experience was enough to cause the player to completely uninstall the game. Emotes in Overwatch 2 work the same way they do in pretty much every multiplayer game, though their usage in competitive matches is generally more frowned upon – especially during crucial moments such as team fights and while objectives are being contested.

Still, emotes represent one of the many forms of cosmetic content available in Overwatch 2, with many such cosmetic items being obtainable from each seasonal pass. Cosmetics such as hero skins have always been a favorite aspect of the game for many fans, though the monetization changes that have come with Overwatch 2 as a result of its live service have raised plenty of concern since the game’s launch due to the associated prices.

Overwatch 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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