There have been nearly countless odd occurrences to happen on Twitch streams, but ExtraEmily’s recent antics are one of the stranger pieces of streaming content as of late. After an ExtraEmily stream caused police involvement, this bizarre clip adds to the streamer’s list of interesting ways to grow viewers.

The popular streamer who was signed to OTK earlier this year has been making some waves in the streaming world lately. From crazier antics like having the cops called on her for riding a kayak in a skate park to more subdued streams like eating only red foods until she gets to two-thousand calories, it’s clear that viewers probably never know what they’re going to get when it comes to an ExtraEmily stream. These creative and outlandish ideas have led ExtraEmily to becoming a streamer known for some incredibly fun content and for keeping viewers on their toes. With a variety of bizarre streams under her belt, one of ExtraEmily’s most recent broadcasts is also one of her weirdest yet.

In one of her latest streams, ExtraEmily buries her body in a plastic trash bin filled with dirt, only allowing her head to pop out from the soil. The stream takes place in fellow OTK streamer Mizkif’s backyard as ExtraEmily sits in the dirt-filled bin unable to move.

To make a strange situation even more bizarre, a person off-screen throws water balloons at her, cranking up the weirdness level to ten. The person who viewers can hear off camera then walks up to ExtraEmily and breaks a balloon right in her face as she’s unable to do anything about it. Ever since live-streaming took off, there have been so many crazy moments on Twitch that it’s hard to keep track of most of the time, but this one is just hilariously bizarre. It’s entertaining to imagine ExtraEmily’s viewers tuning in to find this happening, but given her track record, perhaps some of her fans weren’t that surprised.

As live-streaming continues to grow in popularity, there will continue to be some wild Twitch antics that leave various viewers scratching their heads in both confusion and amusement. ExtraEmily’s dirt bin stream is all in innocent fun, but it still remains an incredibly random choice that’s hard to not be entertained by. Streams like this are great examples of how creative and weird some streamers let themselves be, and it’s content like this that keeps platforms like Twitch and Kick growing as new viewers tune in every day.

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