Best sites for betting on cyber sports with bitcoin

Betting on cybersports with bitcoins is not much different from regular sports betting. They fall under the same laws as regular betting in all countries around the world, except with some specifics about cryptocurrencies rather than betting as such.

For those who don’t know what cybersports betting is, it’s basically betting on video games that have a competitive aspect. They are usually dedicated to tournaments, which are then published in betting shops that support betting in the cybersport sector.

Currently, the most popular eSports game to bet on is Counter Strike: Global Offensive, also known as CS: GO. But there are other games such as League of Legends (LoL) and Dota 2, which are also quite common in betting shops. As with the available games that you can bet on, cryptocurrency betting options for cybersports are also quite varied. For example, in CS: GO, fans can bet on who will win the first half of the game, the whole game, whether there will be a tie-break, whether we will see unusual weapons during the match, and so on. The hardest thing about cybersports is its classification, but it too can have a simple explanation.

Cybersports are considered a real sport, which means that bitcoin betting on cybersports is more accessible than bitcoin gambling. However, there are not many betting sites that accept both cyber sports and cryptocurrency betting at the same time.

Best sites for BTC cyber sports betting

It’s no secret that finding a betting site that accepts both cyber sports and cryptocurrency betting is like finding a needle in a haystack, and finding the best one is almost impossible. Nevertheless, we recognize the potential and fun that cyber sports – bitcoin betting guarantees, so we’ve created a list outlining the best of the best the industry has to offer.

This ranking is our top pick, but you can check our full list of BTC betting to see if there’s anything else that might work for you. Still, we recommend that you try one of the brands listed below.

Where can I bet on cybersports with cryptocurrency?

Not all bookmakers support betting on cybersports, especially with cryptocurrencies. This is mainly because they tend to focus on traditional sports, such as soccer, as more people are interested in it. Still, BTC betting on cybersports is gaining more and more popularity, so there are more and more sites that cover live cybersports games and tournaments.

Now, when it comes to choosing a betting site that fits your needs, you may run into a few problems. This is mainly due to the fact that most bookmakers require players to sign up to show what games they offer, what the minimum deposit is, what coins they accept, and so on. Fortunately, we have reviewed a large number of such platforms, and now you can find the best of this group in the table below.

What are the best games to bet on?

As a general rule of thumb, it’s worth considering all the bitcoin betting options for cybersports, but there are some differences between games. Most players who have been betting on cybersports with BTC for a while now use skill as the most important factor. While the game itself requires a lot of skill, betting in it is much safer than in any other game. This is largely why poker is so much more popular than other casino games. The player has a little more control over the game, which makes it more lucrative and convenient to bet on. Basically, the more the GCG (random number generator) is involved in the game, the harder it is to predict the outcome, but in most cases these games have higher payouts because of the risk.

We’ve gathered for you the best cybersports games to bet on with bitcoin on cybersports. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Conter Strike.

Bitcoin betting on cybersportsThis game is essentially the definition of skill-based cybersports. There is absolutely no GCS here, which makes it more predictable than others. Almost all cybersports bitcoin betting sites will include a Counter Strike match, whether it’s CS: GO, CS 1.6, or any other iteration of the game. Counter Strike tends to be more popular among Europeans, which makes it more diverse and meaningful when it comes to tournaments.

Here’s a list of the most common betting options you’ll see at CS: GO matches:

You may come across other, more extensive bets, but they are usually very risky or long term. For example, you can bet on who will win the tournament when it starts. After each match, the odds start to change depending on the results. The riskiest bets can be the knife kills, the light grenade kills, and others — on just about anything that is unusual.

If you want to make BTC bets on cyber sports, we recommend that you play the game first, understand its mechanics, study its professional scene, and only then start considering bets. If you go into the game blindly, betting at random is a bad idea. These aren’t slots, where everything depends on chance. No, when you’re betting on cyber sports, research and planning is an important part.

League of Legends.

BTC Cyber Sports BettingThis is the most popular MOBA game right now, having arguably the largest audience even though interest in it has plummeted in recent years. The main reason Legaue of Legends is a good option to bet BTC on cyber sports is because of the predictability of its games. Each game has a phase with little variation. In most cases, teams start the game by defending their jungle and immediately start farming, or invading the opposing team’s jungle in hopes of destroying them quickly. Every bitcoin cyber sports betting fan will tell you that if your odds are 50/50, this is a great betting opportunity.

Options for betting include:

Other betting options will be too detailed and will only appear if the bookmaker’s office allows live betting. For example, the “next kill” bet is quite common, as players try to guess who will be caught or riddled next.

As we mentioned earlier, it is also advisable to play League of Legend for at least a few years to really understand how its ranking system works, how the higher ranks usually play, what the Meta is and how the various strategies are implemented. But when it comes to accurate BTC cyber sports betting statistics, League of Legend is less predictable than Conter Strike.

Dota 2.

crypto betting on cybersportsDefense of the Ancients, also known as Dota, is the default MOBA game. It all started when a few people made a map from Warcraft III, which then evolved into the game that many people know and love today. In terms of betting options, mechanics and gameplay, Dota 2 is very similar to League of Legends. If you are a LoL fan, you have almost 60% of the knowledge you need to place bets on Dota 2. All you need to do is just play a few games to understand the differences in mechanics and get to know the characters and what they do.

As far as betting options go, there are similarities to LoL, too, such as:

Just like in League of Legends, additional betting options become a bit more confusing, such as reaching 10 total kills or buying a certain item in the store. Most of the bitcoin betting enthusiasts who choose Dota 2 as their target are dedicated players who have devoted hundreds of hours to the game and improving at it. Of course, you may not need hundreds of hours, but if your goal is to learn the game, becoming a daily player is still recommended.


bitcoin betting on cybersportsThis game is not as common in betting shops, even though they have options for cybersports betting. Nevertheless, it really is one of the best games to bet on. Like Counter-Strike, Overwatch is also more skill-based, but has completely different mechanics and style of play.

You see, CS: GO is more of a tactical shooter, which means that running around under cannon fire will never work, whereas with Overwatch it’s a viable option. Because of the very fantastic characters in the game, most players avoid this game because of how much can go wrong. But since we’ve been listing the best cybersports games with cryptocurrency betting, Overwatch just had to be one of them.

It’s important to note that all of these features open up several new betting options for players, such as:

Objectively speaking, Overwatch is the most exciting game of the above, thanks to the extra features and fewer competitive factors. This helps many players be more in sync with the game if they have played it for a while and learned all the specifics of its mechanics. Maps usually don’t matter much in gameplay, whereas in CS: GO they can turn the game into something completely different.

Games to avoid

Now that we’ve outlined the games that you can bet on, let’s focus on the ones that are generally recommended to avoid. These games have one characteristic thing in common – the weighty presence of CSG.


Cyber Sports Betting with HGCThis statement may come as a surprise to fans of cryptocurrency betting on cyber sports, because much of the game is really skill-based. However, the amount of GGG in this game is too large to make the game predictable.

The very first thing to consider is the number of people who will choose the same spot to land as you. The fewer there are, the better your chances of survival. In addition, loot is also randomized, so you might get a bad loot in a densely populated area, while another player might get a terrific loot in a remote area.

Then we also need to look at the GSR for the lap. It used to be a little more predictable, but the randomness for it has since increased. So, even if you bet on the best player, the mechanics of the HGC can make them lose regardless of skill.


cybersports betting with bitcoinsThis is very similar to PUBG. Anyone who bets on cyber sports with Fortnite understands that if the player of their choice doesn’t find enough material, it’s game over. Consequently, if a player gets a bad HGC and doesn’t find good material at the beginning of the game, it’s very likely that he or she won’t make it to the finals at all, or will be at a terrible disadvantage.

But we have to say that when it comes to skills, Fortnite engages them a bit more than PUBG. Mostly because Fortnite players have to be both good shooters and good fast builders.

Any MMO.

bitcoin betting on cybersportsWell, technically the only MMO that counts as cybersports is WoW, and it’s also very rare. But the main reason we mention MMOs is because of the GSF, which is related to the absolute basics of the game. These are the chance of a crit, chance of resistance, equipment, the intrinsic superiority of one class over another, and so on.

If there are two players with identical classes, identical equipment, and everything else, it all comes down to both skill and GSR. If one player gets a lucky critical hit at least once more than the other, he or she wins. When you are betting on crypto – cyber sports, it is absolutely essential that you can base your choices on predictable outcomes rather than random events that may happen during a match.

How do I bet BTC on cyber sports?

Bitcoin cybersports gambling is no different than regular cybersports gambling. Their only difference is the currency you use and the platforms you can sign up on. Another difference may be the difference in the odds of the bookmaker, for example if they try to promote more frequent BTC deposits. But other than that, don’t expect to see anything too revolutionary.

All you need is a hot crypto wallet, which you get when you exchange cryptocurrency, or a cold wallet that you can plug into your PC and use for transactions. The payment process is also quite simple:

This process is very similar to the withdrawal of cryptocurrency winnings for cybersports betting:

As you can see – nothing special.


How do I use bitcoin to bet on cybersports?You can get bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency from your local cryptocurrency exchange. You may have heard of big brands like Binance, Coinbase, OKEx and others. All you have to do is sign up, wait for your account to be verified, and deposit money to exchange for bitcoins.

If this is too tedious, check if your bookmaker allows you to exchange currency on the spot. For example, if you can just transfer fiat money into your account and exchange it for BTC without using a third-party website. Not all bitcoin cybersports betting sites have this feature, but it’s pretty common.

Another way is to use a bitcoin ATM. However, you will need to have a cryptocurrency wallet to do this. You can open one by registering on a cryptocurrency exchange or by getting an individual hot/cold wallet from hundreds of companies that provide this service. An ATM works almost as well as a Paybox. You just insert a bill, choose which coin you want to buy, which cryptocurrency wallet address to send it to, and voila – now you have bitcoin.

Does every bookmaker’s office accept cryptocurrency bets on cyber sports?
For starters, there are only a handful of betting shops that allow betting on cyber sports, while there are even fewer betting shops that allow betting on cyber sports using cryptocurrency. This is mainly due to the operational costs of building the necessary blockchain system to support such transactions or incompatibility of local regulations.