Asmongold Calls Astrology Believers 'Idiots'

Twitch streamer Asmongold called those who believe in astrology “idiots” during his stream yesterday. To start off his Twitch stream, Asmongold was sharing content from members of his subreddit which brought up the topic of astrology. This prompted the streamer to explain his personal views on the matter, which will likely not endear him to those who believe in the power of the stars.

By now, Asmongold is well-known for being very open and honest about his worldview. It’s a regular occurrence that a portion of the internet gets offended by whatever Asmongold talks about in his latest stream. Regardless, he enjoys high popularity on Twitch with over a million followers. Asmongold also has near two million followers on YouTube, over 800 thousand followers on Twitter, and his subreddit has 173 thousand members. It seems while his views outrage numerous people, they also draw in just as many if not more sympathizers. Beyond his expertise in games such as World of Warcraft and the Diablo series, viewers are just as drawn to his very down-to-earth style.

During yesterday’s stream, Asmongold was talking about some of the content his members shared on his subreddit. One of them contained a Twitter post that talked about a man lying about his zodiac sign in order to sleep with a woman. While the readers called the poster’s behavior typical for his zodiac sign, he revealed once again that he lied, which to him further proved the uselessness of astrology. After reading the story out loud Asmongold laughed and called those who believe in astrology “idiots” and called it an instant red flag. He then continued to explain he never met a person before who believed in astrology and made logical or good decisions. Warning: The following clip has some profanity.

The clip cuts out soon after, but in the full video, Asmongold continued to list out various other ideas that, to him, mark a person as less intelligent than others. He mentioned several different concepts he finds to be troubling such as cryptocurrencies, cults, NFTs, and crystals among other things. However, as he further went into explaining his point of view the sound cuts off because the music he was playing during the stream was struck by a copyright claim.

Because of the muted part of the video, it’s impossible to know Asmongold’s detailed point of view on the subject. However, it’s more than likely the outrage of some people will affect Asmongold’s popularity very little if at all.

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