Best Apex Legend Betting Sites You Must Know About

How to Bet on a Apex Legend and Win?

Apex Legends is a free first-person shooter in the “battle royale” genre, where heroes fight each other for victory.

Apex Legends Review

In February 2019, Electronic Arts released its shooter — Apex Legends. The game quickly gained popularity around the world, breaking records for profit and online players.

Apex Legends is made so that up to 20 teams can fight in one game. Each team has three heroes in its composition. By the method of simple mathematical operations, it can be understood that a maximum of 60 players can be on one card at the same time.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends

All players are given a choice of heroes from the general pool:

Naturally, each hero is unique in his own way and has some abilities. However, when you purchase a “battle pass” in Apex Legends, you can unlock not only new heroes, but also get various types of in-game items and skins.

Apex Legends and Esports

Despite the fact that the game quickly gained popularity around the world, it will have to wait until it is recognized as an esports discipline. The blame is simple bugs in the game, which can sometimes affect the outcome of matches. For example, as many players have noticed, sound effects sometimes work incorrectly in Apex Legends, which in the same Counter-Strike help determine whether the enemy is close. There are also questions about the mechanics of the recoil of weapons when firing, and the ultimate abilities of the heroes are completely unbalanced.

According to available information, the game developers are already working to eliminate all these bugs so that Apex Legends gets the status of an esports discipline.

Apex legends bet

Apex legends bet

Apex Legends Tournaments and Live Betting

The biggest bookmakers have added cyber sports to their betting offerings, and the best of them have a full range of live streaming services. Any attempt to bring the thrill of betting in Apex Legends tournaments is inextricably linked to the availability of live streaming. It’s impossible to bet on a game like this without seeing in real time what’s going on, and yet there are clear hurdles to overcome here. To the untrained eye, its effect can be overwhelming, so players have a distinct advantage over those who don’t play.

Apex Legends tournaments are held locally and online, but it will be some time before the cybersports industry embraces the game with all its heart. It’s only a matter of time before major competitions are streamed live on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. For now, players can watch live streaming on the aforementioned channels, where players compete against each other and broadcast what’s happening in real time. It’s also a great way to get ready for live betting on Apex Legends.



Betting on Apex Legends

Considering that the game has not yet received the status of an esports discipline, bookmakers are not in a hurry to open a line on Apex Legends. This is especially true of Russian bookmakers who are skeptical about the game. But foreign bookmakers have already begun to prepare the ground for accepting bets on Apex Legends. They were prompted to do this by the signing of Apex Legends compositions by well-known esports organizations. So, they included: Cloud9, North, NRG eSports, Natus Vincere, Gambit Esports, Fnatic and many others. All this suggests that bets on Apex Legends will soon be accepted in bookmakers if Electronic Arts can solve all its problems with the game.


Apex legend betting

Apex legend betting

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It is important to say that representatives of such bookmakers as ArcaneBet, Bet365, Betway Esports, Betspawn and Pinnacle have already informed about the imminent opportunity for players to bet on Apex Legends.

Types of bets on Apex Legends

Apex legend betting sites

Apex legend betting sites

Naturally, it’s too early to say what bookmakers will be able to offer fans of Apex Legends. For sure, the choice of bets on Apex Legends will be somewhat similar to bets on CS:GO. Now bookmakers are actively working to collect statistical data about the game in order to be able to provide players with the correct betting line on Apex Legends. Moreover, Electronic Arts has already announced a number of Apex Legends tournaments with large prize funds. All this should only speed up the process of integrating Apex Legends into betting shops. It won’t be long to wait.

Top 5 Apex Legends Betting Sites


GG.BET is esports betting site that has been in existence since 2016 and has a good reputation among the betting community. The site offers punters the chance to bet on a wide range of esports, ranging from CS:GO to Dota 2. While GG.BET has many positives, such as its user-friendly website, it does have some downsides – one being that the site doesn’t offer many promotions for players.

There are also no live bets currently on offer at GG.BET, but this is not uncommon among esports betting sites, and this could change in the future as they continue to develop their offerings. Overall, while there are some cons with GG.BET when compared with other bookmakers (like Bovada), it’s still one of our top sites for Apex Legends betting due to its high limits, great odds and solid customer service options.


Thunderpick is one of the best Apex Legends betting sites for players to bet on their favourite teams. It’s safe, secure, and has a wide variety of options for you to enjoy. Plus, Thunderpick has an excellent reputation and customer support service, as well as being easy to navigate and having a great selection of esports games.

Thunderpick’s customer support service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via email or live chat. If you have an issue with your account or need help placing a bet, their customer support team will be happy to assist you.


Cyberbet is an online esports betting service that offers competitive odds and a wide range of markets on popular games like Dota 2 and LoL. Licensed in the Isle of Man, the site is well-known for its sportsbook offerings, but it also has an expanding esports market for sites like League of Legends, CS:GO, and Fortnite.

Its diverse selection of esports events means you’ll find odds on almost any game you want to wager on, with many matches from the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) providing some great opportunities to make money. However, the site’s best feature is its low minimum deposit—with just €5 required to open an account—and fast payment times. Although Cyberbet only accepts payments via bank transfer or Bitcoin at this time, it does a good job in processing deposits and withdrawals quickly, which means your winnings will be in your hands as soon as possible.


Betway offers some of the best esports offerings around, and they also specialize in Apex Legends betting. They cover many different tournaments and competitions, offering a variety of markets on their site.

The site has been around for a while and is one of the most trusted online gambling sites in the world. They’re licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) and adhere to strict rules regarding player security and fairness. Betway has a good reputation within the industry as well, making it an excellent choice for players who want to bet real money on Apex Legends matches.

Betway’s welcome bonus is also pretty impressive: you get 100% up to $30 free – with deposits made through Skrill or Neteller not being eligible for this bonus offer. If you want to take advantage of this offer, then visit Betway by clicking here now!


Pinnacle is a leading bookmaker (also known as a sportsbook) founded in 1998 in Curacao that’s available in more than 200 countries. Pinnacle is well-known for having an excellent reputation, high betting limits and offering odds that are among the best you can find on the market.

Pinnacle offers similar betting markets to other bookmakers, but it does not have bonuses or promotions for new players. This allows them to offer better odds than most of their competitors. Pinnacle also offers reduced juice, which essentially means lower margins for the bookmaker and better value for punters.

top apex legends betting sites

top apex legends betting sites

Find the Best Sites to Wager on Apex Legends

For bettors looking to put money on Apex Legends, here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting an online betting site on which to place your wagers.