Streamer Caitlin Amouranth Siragusa told viewers that she “fears for her life.” Since May 8, 2022, she has allegedly been followed by an overly obsessive fan.

Amouranth revealed that the stalker traveled from Estonia to Houston, Texas, in the United States. He sold all of his possessions back home and now lives in a hotel near her home. The streamer is worried about the fact that this man “literally has no options to stay in the States for a long time and might do something drastic.” The girl noted that a fan has started running streams on Twitch in parallel with her: for example, when Siragusa broadcasts from the hot tub, he also airs by the pool, imagining that they’re doing it together. On one of the streams, the stalker walked around town looking for Amouranth – the broadcast was called “Find Caitlin and Make Her Mine.”

Siragusa noted that she has armed guards and a tracking system, but is still worried about this fan. She noted that she doesn’t want to link to his stream, because her viewers would probably send complaints to the platform administration and could lead to blocking, but as long as he’s live, she’s much safer. Amouranth also said the police are already aware of the situation.

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