A virtual streamer entered the Twitch top 10

For the first time in Twitch history, a virtual streamer entered the top 10 for the month.

In February 2022, virtual streamer Ironmouse entered the top 10 most popular streamers by viewing hours. This is the first virtual content maker to achieve this figure.

In February, Ironmouse’s content totaled more than 6 million hours of viewing. It ranked eighth in the top ten content makers for this metric, with Felix xQc Lengyel in first place. Vituber Ironmouse also ranked first on the platform in terms of subscribers.

VTube streamers are content makers who use virtual avatars, an acronym derived from the English term virtual youtuber and subsequently spread to other streaming platforms and video hostings. Most often, they are anime characters. For example, the description of the Ironmouse channel reads “Your sarcastic and cute 2D anime youtuber”.

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