A child has donated over ₽90k to Diablo Immortal.

A reddit user nicknamed AiurHoopla has revealed that Blizzard has refused to refund a large sum spent on Diablo Immortal. The reason for contacting the company’s tech support was that about 2,000 Canadian dollars (~₽90k) was not paid by the cardholder himself, but by his son.

AiurHoopla contacted Blizzard, who initially promised a refund but then changed their minds. Because of this, reddit readers in the comments accused the narrator of lying: many thought he had emptied the money himself, and then decided to give it back by making up a story about his son. This is supported by the fact that prior to the release of Diablo Immortal, the user nicknamed AiurHoopla was actively playing World of Warcraft and Diablo.

AiurHoopla himself does not deny being a gamer. He noted that his whole family is into video games – his wife prefers League of Legends and his son used to play Diablo with his father. He said that this would not have happened if he had been required to enter his CVV or any other code to pay for the transaction, as Blizzard will now simply charge the card without any conditions.

The Canadian bank has demanded an official response from the developers of Diablo Immortal for a refund. That said, even in the event of a negative decision, the father will get most of the money back.

Diablo Immortal was released in early June. The title was criticized for aggressive monetization system – according to users’ calculations, it may take more than $540 thousand to pump up the character.

A child has donated over ₽90k to Diablo Immortal